Why I Majored in Theatre

Malena Rivera '24

Before I came to Pomona College, I was considering studying linguistics, but ended up double majoring in Asian Studies and theatre after I realized all the Theatre Department had to offer. Even though my background was in performance, the theatre major allowed me to discover new technical areas of theatre as a complete beginner. In my sophomore year I took a costume design class taught by Monica French and loved it. This class not only helped me develop my newfound love for costuming, but also gave me a dedicated mentor for my remaining years. The Theatre Department is full of loving and passionate artists that are rooting for your success.

The theatre major can be tailored to your interests and gives you the space to explore multiple aspects of theatre. After exploring classes in acting, theatrical makeup, costume design, and even a one-on-one independent study in costume construction, I can say the Theatre Department has given me a space to explore all my creative interests. I am grateful for the welcoming environment and the opportunities I have been given, as I can see growth in who I am as an artist and will take that with me for the rest of my life.