As the only art forms in which human beings are both medium and message, theatre and dance are the quintessential liberal arts. Thus the liberal arts environment is an ideal one in which to begin a lifetime of learning in theatre and dance. The Pomona College Department of Theatre and Dance-Theatre for The Claremont Colleges- is committed to the highest levels of professional training within the context of this liberal arts tradition. 

Our commitment begins in the classroom where an emphasis on the quality of learning informs all that we do. A friendly and caring faculty and small class size encourage students to work creatively in exploring the history, theory, literature, and techniques of theatre and dance. Our commitment is furthered by our dynamic and ethnically diverse production season. We view productions as important teaching tools, both for our students and for the rest of the College community, and therefore choose productions from a wide range of periods and styles. Our commitment is also strengthened by the exceptional financial support of The Claremont Colleges, which have given us a strong professional staff, adequate funding, and a gorgeous facility in which to do our work. Ultimately, our commitment is enhanced by the energy and commitment of our students, who bring intelligence, creativity, and verve to our challenging and exciting endeavor.

This commitment to the highest quality of teaching and learning, plus an attractive climate and the 5-College liberal arts setting, makes the Pomona College Department of Theatre and Dance-Theatre for The Claremont Colleges- an exceptional place in which to work and learn. 

We invite you to join us…

-Sherry Linnell
Chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance