Public Policy Analysis melds traditional academic fields like economics or biology with hands-on policy study for future leaders.

Public Policy Analysis is a unique major for undergraduate study. We seek to provide a distinctive liberal education for leaders in our global society, who will face complex and challenging issues and decisions.

Our program is hands-on and problem-focused. We offer an array of analytical techniques, a wide perspective on social issues, and practical experience.

You’ll choose from 11 formal concentrations: anthropology, biology, chemistry, economics, environmental analysis, geology, physics, politics, psychology, science-technology-and-society, sociology or design your own.

Our seniors complete a 216-hour policy-related internship and a thesis. 

  • Professor David Menifee-Libey and a student on the Carnegie Hall steps
    Professor David Menifee-Libey and a student on the Carnegie Hall steps
  • Former Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter leads a seminar
    Former Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter leads a seminar

What You'll Study

  • Four courses of public policy
  • Statistical or quantitative methods
  • A public policy elective like Education Politics and Policy
  • Courses in your concentration
  • Senior thesis and internship
Each PPA major spends 216 hours in a semester-long internship.

Learning at Pomona

  • Dodger's Logo, Dodger's website
    Increasing African-American Participation in Major League Baseball

    Emily Glass ’15 studied Los Angeles' RBI Program that strives to increase African-American participation in MLB and possible policy solutions to increase diverse participation. 

  • Conservation Conversations: Should we dam it all?
    Conservation Conversations: Should We Dam It All?

    Nathalie Folkerts ’16 made a short video aimed at middle school students on why policy around dams and conservation can be complicated.

Faculty & Teaching

Our multidisciplinary program includes faculty liaisons in 10 different departments. The professors advise students interested in their departments’ PPA concentrations about elective courses, internships and senior theses.

Professor Richard Worthington

The major combines a broad liberal arts curriculum and the focus of an academic concentration with the hands-on, problem-focused approach of policy studies. We work to help students apply the rigor of natural sciences, social sciences and policy analysis tools to field research and practical experience so they can analyze and affect an important policy issue.