Brenda Benitez, Psychology/PPA, interned with the Immigration Center for Women and Children in Los Angeles.

Kara Bank, Chemistry/PPA, interned with the East Valley Clinic in Pomona.

Melina Cuesta, Psychology/PPA, interned with the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education in Los Angeles.

Saahil Desai, Politics/PPA, completed his internship at the American Prospect through the CMC Washington, D.C. Semester Program.

James Doernberg, Psychology/PPA, interned with Blue Garnet in Los Angeles.

Hannah Doruelo, Psychology/PPA, interned with Public Counsel in Los Angeles.

Nathalie Folkerts, Biology/PPA, interned with the Los Angeles Food Policy Council in Los Angeles.

Jose Luis Gomez, Sociology/PPA, interned with the Economic Opportunity Center in Pomona.

Mia Hahn, Sociology/PPA, interned with the Los Angeles Research Center in Los Angeles.

Kacey Hopson, Politics/PPA, interned with the Food Chain Workers Alliance in Los Angeles.

Sarah Laws, Politics/PPA, interned with the Neighborhood Legal Services Self-Help Center in Pomona.

Carolyn Hays, Biology/PPA, interned with Code for America in San Francisco.

Taylor Reffe, Politics/PPA, interned with Public Counsel Statewide Educational Rights in Los Angeles.

Anna Schwab, Politics/PPA, interned with the City of Claremont.

Kyra Sweeney, Sociology/PPA, interned with Claremont Unified School District, Sumer Danbury School in Claremont.

Olivia Voorhis, Environmental Analysis/PPA, interned with Los Angeles Council Member Paul Koretz, Office of Sustainability in Los Angeles.

Morgan Yucel, Economics/PPA, interned with the Chino Valley Water Consevation District in Chino.