2021 Internships

Abigail Gonzales Avila, Politics/PPA, interned with Jed Leano, Claremont City Council 

Samuel Hernandez, Jr, Economics/PPA, interned with the US Trade and Development Agency

Kelly Ho, Psychology/PPA, interned with Faith and Community Empowerment

Kate Immergluck, Biology/PPA, interned with the Gay Men's Health Crisis

Maelvi Nunez, Special Major in Chicanx/Latinx Studies/PPA, interned with the Inland Empire Immigrant Youth Collective

Larissa Velazquez Pazaran, Sociology/PPA, interned with Uncommon Good

Virginia Paschal, Environmental Analysis/PPA, interned with ReWilder

Isha Raj-Silverman, Politics/PPA, interned with Representative Scott Peters

Lauren Rodriguez, Sociology/PPA, interned with League of Women Voters, Greater Los Angeles Area

Laila Ruffin, Special Major in Women and Gender Studies/PPA, interned with CA Black Women's Health Project

Vaish Siddapureddy, Politics/PPA, interned with Neighborhood Legal Services

Elease Willis, Sociology/PPA, interned with First Book

Stephanie Yu, Chemistry/PPA, interned with Diversity of Government Relations

Andrew Zhao, Politics/PPA, interned with Jed Leano, Claremont City Council