Why I Majored in Public Policy Analysis

Hannah Hughes ’25

I chose to major in PPA/EA because it seamlessly combines my passion for environmental conservation and my interest in politics.

This interdisciplinary program has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of environmental policy from multiple angles. Through my coursework, I have gained crucial knowledge in economics, biology, political science, and history as they relate to the environment. Examining environmental threats through these various lenses has allowed me to appreciate the nuances and complexities of creating and implementing effective environmental laws and regulations. I am fascinated by the way science, economics, ethics, and law all intersect to inform environmental policy decisions. The environmental analysis concentration equips me with the critical thinking skills to dissect multi-faceted environmental issues and develop innovative solutions. The program also emphasizes practical policy analysis skills such as research methods, statistical analysis, and policy memo writing.

It is especially rewarding to apply these tangible skills to the internship component of the major in which I work to tackle pressing environmental challenges on a local level.

Yena Jang ’24

I decided to major in PPA/Biology because it offered the opportunity to pursue all my academic interests without confining myself to one field of study. My aspiration is to become a dentist who understands how policy can be used as a tool to improve public health outcomes and can advocate for the needs of the community. The PPA major has given me the flexibility to explore courses in biology, politics, economics, and other fields in an interdisciplinary manner, molding me into a well-rounded student and future healthcare provider. Through the internship component, I have gained real-life job skills and invaluable connections within the organization I worked for. Beyond the curriculum of the major, PPA has an amazing support system and collaborating with peers in varying concentrations is an unmatched educational experience. Choosing PPA as my major has truly enriched my time at Pomona and I am so glad I chose PPA!

Cade Novara ’23

I decided to major in PPA Chemistry because I thoroughly enjoyed the interdisciplinary nature of the major. As a pre-med student, I love learning about chemical processes and biological components, but I also enjoy learning about the American political system and the nature of economic markets. I didn't want to be confined to one field of study, and I discovered that PPA offered me the flexibility to explore a variety of subjects simultaneously. For example, last semester I took Organic Chemistry, Microeconomics, and Intro to International Relations at the same time while fulfilling several of my major requirements. Overall, I have found that the PPA major is unique and diverse in its offerings and opportunities. It has been the perfect major for me so far in my career at Pomona.