Why I Majored in Public Policy Analysis

Samuel Hernandez Jr. ’22

I decided to major in public policy analysis because it allowed me to create the path I wanted to take through Pomona via the ability to declare a concentration. Not only does this specialization allow me to embrace the liberal arts experience by taking a deep dive into two distinct disciplines, exploring the intersection between public policy and economics gives me a unique skillset which I can use to focus on the specific issues that matter to me, like immigration, education, and poverty (each of which I have studied in elective courses throughout the major!) The PPA program really has given me the best of both worlds because I have the dedicated support systems of two entire departments to help me make the most out of eight short semesters, and prepare me to achieve my goals for after graduation.

Lauren Rodriguez ’22

I majored in PPA-Sociology because I wanted a truly interdisciplinary experience, one where I could take classes in many different fields and courses of study. Concentrating in sociology has kept me grounded in a sense of social purpose and a desire to address the problems I see in the world — at the same time, PPA gives me the practical tools I need to work towards that goal of bettering society. The two subjects — PPA and sociology — work in tandem to equip me with the skills necessary for effecting social change.

Cade Novara ’23

I decided to major in PPA Chemistry because I thoroughly enjoyed the interdisciplinary nature of the major. As a pre-med student, I love learning about chemical processes and biological components, but I also enjoy learning about the American political system and the nature of economic markets. I didn't want to be confined to one field of study, and I discovered that PPA offered me the flexibility to explore a variety of subjects simultaneously. For example, last semester I took Organic Chemistry, Microeconomics, and Intro to International Relations at the same time while fulfilling several of my major requirements. Overall, I have found that the PPA major is unique and diverse in its offerings and opportunities. It has been the perfect major for me so far in my career at Pomona.