Important Bridges Auditorium Policies

Printed Tickets Only

Please bring your original ticket. Receipts or confirmation emails cannot be used in place of tickets. Tickets shown electronically on phones, tablets or other devices will not be accepted unless specified in the event instructions. 

Resale of Tickets

Bridges Auditorium will not honor tickets that haven't been purchased directly through the Bridges Auditorium Box Office, and reserves the right to refuse entrance to these ticket holders. Bridges Auditorium is not responsible for the refund or exchange of fraudulent tickets.

Accessible Seating

Bridges Auditorium is accessible to persons with disabilities. Both accessible parking and accessible seating are available. Patrons needing to take advantage of these amenities are asked to contact Bridges Auditorium Box Office at 909-607-1139 prior to the performance so that arrangements can be made in advance.

Ticketing Fees

To ensure our patrons receive the quality service and ease of access that they deserve, Bridges Auditorium may incorporate Convenience, Handling, Processing and Building Preservation fees, which are standard in the theatre and ticketing industry.
The fees we charge go toward the maintenance of this historic venue and expenditures related to the ticket ordering process, such as:

  • Building digital maps that allow our patrons to choose their own seats.
  • The convenience of printing your own tickets at home to avoid lines at the Box Office.
  • Building and maintaining our email database that allows us to keep our patrons informed about events.
  • Staffing, equipment, supplies and postage to promptly take, fill, print or mail your order.

Audio/Video Recording

Photography and audio/video recording of any performance or the possession of such recording devices inside the theatre is strictly prohibited. Violations of this rule may result in eviction from the Auditorium at the discretion of management.

Refunds and Exchanges

All ticket sales are final. All performances and programs are subject to change without notice. There are no refunds unless a performance is canceled and not replaced. Refunds are made solely to the original purchaser and may only include the original ticket price; any additional fees may not be refunded.

Exchanges must be completed 24 hours in advance of your purchased performance and only apply to the run of the event; exchanges between events is not allowed.  Additional fees may apply for any and all exchanges.

Lost Tickets

If you have lost or misplaced your tickets we can reprint them, call the Bridges Auditorium Box Office at 909-607-1139.  A reprint fee may be charged.

Tax-Deductible Ticket Donations

If you are unable to attend a performance, your tickets may be donated as a tax-deductible contribution, an acknowledgement will go out to the original purchaser if requested.

Special Ticket Pricing for Children and Seniors

For events that have age-based discounts: tickets priced for seniors are for those ages 60 or older and tickets priced for children are for ages 12 and under.  Many events have special pricing for Claremont College students, faculty and staff. For more information about prices, contact the Box Office by phone at 909-607-1139.

Tickets for Children

Children are welcome to attend most events at Bridges Auditorium, EVERY PATRON MUST HAVE A TICKET REGARDLESS OF AGE. 

As a courtesy to other guests, please bear in mind that not all performances are appropriate for young children, particularly where silence is a prerequisite for full enjoyment of the artistic experience. Patrons are reminded that it is best to remove a crying or disruptive child to the lobby.

General Information

  • As a courtesy to both patrons and performers, please turn off all electronic devices during performances.
  • Theatrical smoke and special lighting effects are often used in presentations.
  • In deference to the performers and other audience members, latecomers will be seated at the discretion of the house manager or staff at an appropriate pause in the program.
  • Please enjoy your food and drinks in the lobby only.
  • Lost articles left inside the Auditorium may be claimed by calling the Box Office at (909) 607-1139.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the Auditorium.
  • Bridges Auditorium does not have a dress code policy.