The Coop Fountain

The Coop Fountain features both a core menu and weekly/seasonal specials. Check back to see what's new each week!

Lunch and Dinner Menu

This Week's Salads

Mix and Match 1, 2 or 3 Salads - $5

Poke Glazed Sweet Potato Salad
With Pickled Cucumber, Sliced Radishes, Cilantro, Seaweed Salad, Jalapenos, Grain Blend, Vegan Sriracha Dressing

Chopped Salmon Sesame Noodle Salad
With Cilantro Shredded Cucumbers and Soba Noodles

The Coop Kale Salad with Grains 
With Ancient Grains, Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Sliced Vegetables, Avocado, Hard Boiled Eggs, Sliced Almonds, Yogurt Tahini Dressing

Caesar Salad
Classic and simple Caesar Salad with Toasted Croutons, and Caesar Dressing

Build Your Own Burger

Beef or Turkey - $8

Impossible Burger - $12

Bacon - Add $1

Lettuce, Diced Tomatoes, Onions, Grilled Onions, Pickles, Jalapenos, Fried Onions, Roasted Mushrooms, Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo, BBQ Sauce

Cheddar, American, Swiss, Vegan Gouda

Buttermilk, Wheat

Specials - Pomona Classic
Aioli, Pickles, Grilled Onions, Tomato Jam, Shredded Lettuce, Cheddar Cheese

Build Your Own Bowl

Tofu - $7

Chicken - $8

Cod - $9

Choose Your Base
Ancient Grains, White Rice

Choose your Protein
Chicken, Green Goddess Tofu Cubes, Grilled Cod

Roasted Vegetables, Grilled Mushrooms, Diced Tomatoes, Grilled Onions, Jalapenos, Fried Onions

Teriyaki, BBQ, Szechwan, Vindaloo, Ranch

Coop Favorites

Chicken Fingers - $6
w/2 Side Dips

Vegan Chicken Fingers - $6                                                                                                          w/2 side Dips

Avocado Toast - $8
Avocado, Roasted Tomatoes, Diced Onions, Queso Fresco, Pepitas


  • Cheese and Black Bean - $5
  • Chicken, Cheese and Bean - $6


Sandwiches & Wraps

Middle Eastern Sweet Potato Wrap - $7

Vegan Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich - $7

Grilled Margherita Chicken Panini - $8

Buffalo Chicken Wrap - $7

Fried Funs

Classic French Fries - $3

Curly Fries - $3

Fried Zucchini - $3

Onion Rings - $3

Sweet Potato Fries - $3

Tater Tots - $3


Beverages & More

Fountain Drinks - $2

Iced Tea - $2

Agua Frescas and Juices - $2

Milk Shakes - $2

Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry


Peanut Butter Bar - $3

Lemon Square - $3

Apple Crumble - $3

Brownie Chunk - $3

Chocolate Chip Cookie - $2

Late Night Menu

Items are available on a rotation schedule and are free.