General Student Event Policies for COVID-19 Safety

General club event activities guidelines:

All student events at Pomona College during the academic year must be registered through CollegiateLink and approved by the Smith Campus Center staff.


Campus events are understood to be private events by virtue of their restriction to students, faculty or staff of any one or all of the seven Colleges and their guests. No publicity of any kind is allowed outside the immediate boundaries of the seven Colleges without permission from the Campus Center. All reference to or suggestion of alcohol is prohibited in event publicity. For more information, refer to the publicity regulations and guidelines available in the SCC/ASPC Office.


The Campus Center will arrange for security as necessary. Event organizers may be responsible for any financial costs incurred for these services. See the alcohol events policy guidelines for events with alcohol. Check with the SCC staff to determine if your event requires security.

Event Sponsors

All events must have a host or hosts that will be responsible for and present during the entire event. The host and/or the sponsoring organization will take all responsibility for damage and any cleanup charges that may be incurred as a result of the event.

Technical Needs

For all student-sponsored events, please fill out a CCAVES request form on Engage.

  • Under the “Campus Links” tab on the CL homepage, click on “SCC Forms”

CCAVES (Campus Center Audio/Visual Event Services) provides sound systems and student technicians for events on the Pomona College campus only.