Other Campus Spaces

Sontag Greek Theatre (Capacity: 600 - 2000)

The Sontag Greek Theatre is adjacent to the Seaver Theatre due east of Oldenborg Residence Hall. Located in a wonderful wooded area known as the Wash, it is secluded from traffic yet a five minute walk from the center of campus. The amphitheater has permanent seating for 600. The entire area with lawn seating can accommodate 2000, although sight-lines may be limited. Limited built in lighting and A/V. Permanent seating arrangement. Limited rest rooms.

Heritage Lounge (Capacity: 50)

Located under Norton Clark, This space combines comfortable furnishings and social space. The room has soft furniture, carpet, and a few small tables. Ideal for student organization meetings and receptions.

Bixby Plaza (Capacity: 1000)

This large plaza is centrally located on north campus between the Clark Halls and Walker hall, just outside of Frary Dining Hall.

Walker Beach (Capacity: 2000)

Just north of Walker hall is a large grassy area called Walker Beach. Frequently used for impromptu or organized student social events, this area has a volleyball court, and a small basketball court.

Wig Beach (Capacity: 1000)

Similar to Walker Beach on the north side of campus Wig Beach is a grassy area between Wig Hall and the Women's softball field. Wig Beach has a volleyball and basketball court.

Residence Hall Courtyards (Capacity: 50 - 500)

There are numerous small to medium sized courtyards scattered among the Residence Halls that are available for use. These courtyards very in capacity from 50 to 500, some have BBQ grills, none have public rest rooms.