Engaging the Administrator On-Call

One of the resources that Pomona College makes available to students is the support and guidance of a Pomona College administrator who is on call and can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Administrator On-Call can be reached by calling Campus Safety at (909) 607-2000 by phone. The Administrator On-Call is often one of the first responders  to calls from Campus Safety about any student situation, troubling behavior or crisis.

The Role of the Administrator On-Call

The Administrator On-Call determines the appropriate steps given the situation and keeps a detailed record on the interaction and intervention. The On-Call team serves as the primary resource for managing referrals and student issues and follows up with the call.  

The Administrator On-Call intervenes at times to de-escalate a situation between a student and other members of the campus and/or community. In these cases, the Administrator On-Call determines and coordinates the Pomona College's response to insure that all parties involved receive due consideration and fair treatment. The Administrator On-Call may involve other Pomona College offices to determine the institutional response and will monitor an incident to make sure that adequate support continues to be made available even after the critical situation passes.

You can contact the Administrator On-Call by calling Campus Safety (for immediate assistance) or by using the on-line referral form below


Using the Online Referral Form

The online referral form is available to faculty, staff, students and others who wish to refer a student who may be struggling with academic, personal or emotional difficulties or who may be exhibiting concerning behavior.   

The Deans in the Dean of Students office receive the forms. Students referred will be contacted and offered assistance through the Dean of Students office and may be directed to the Administrator On-Call or to other appropriate offices depending on the nature of the concern.

Referrals using this form do not violate student privacy rights.

Additional Support and Privacy

When an Administrator On-Call assists a student, the Administrator On-Call works to ensure the student's privacy and work closely with the student; this means that only those people who need to know in order to help with a critical incident will be given the student's name and other limited information as necessary. In rare instances, the Administrator On-Call or Dean of Students Office may learn information that the College may be obligated to pursue or, in the event of significant concern for the safety and welfare of a student, to contact the student's parents or guardians.