Leave of Absence for Students


Pomona College is committed to the academic and personal success of all students and recognizes that a student may need to interrupt their formal academic work. Any student desiring to interrupt their formal academic program at Pomona may take a leave of absence if the student follows the Leave of Absence procedures.

Leave of Absence Process

Step 1: Notify your Class Dean of your interest in taking a Leave of Absence

If you are interested in a Leave of Absence, please email leaveofabsence@pomona.edu to initiate the process. Please indicate your name, student ID number, and class standing in your communication. This will connect you directly to your Class Dean.

Step 2: Meet with your Class Dean and other Campus Offices

Once you have communicated your interest, you will need to meet with your Class Dean to review your circumstances. Your Class Dean will discuss your options and any information you need to be aware of to initiate your Leave of Absence, including but not limited to your Student Account balance based on anticipated leave date, Financial Aid (as applicable), Registrar, International Student Services (as applicable), Housing (as applicable), and the academic impact.

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with the individual offices listed above and their faculty advisor to get specific questions answered and to ensure that they have all the information they need to make the best decision possible.

For international students considering a leave of absence, please speak with the International Student Services office in advance to see how it will affect your immigration status and employment eligibility when you return. Contact ISS to discuss your plans at iss@pomona.edu or (909) 607-3719. Visit the ISS website for more information.

Students seeking a Leave of Absence should consult with the Student Accounts Office and the Financial Aid Office as appropriate regarding any financial obligations, the deferral of loans, grants, or scholarships. A student planning a leave of absence is strongly encouraged to speak directly with their financial aid counselor. It is essential that there be consultation in advance of the leave regarding the deferral of grants or loans and application for aid upon return.

Step 3: Finalize Leave of Absence

After you have met with your Class Dean and completed the Leave of Absence application, your Class Dean will notify the Registrar, Financial Aid Office, Student Accounts Office, your faculty advisor, instructors (if relevant), and the Office of Housing & Residence Life of your decision to pursue a Leave of Absence.

Your Class Dean will send an official letter outlining the terms of the Leave of Absence as discussed, which will include information such as the length of time the student will be on Leave, processes for checking out of housing, the timeline for leaving housing, and dates to remember as you consider returning.

Students should expect to keep in communication with their Class Dean during the period of the leave of absence. Your Class Dean will keep you apprised of upcoming deadlines to return, and any documentation needed for your return.

Extensions of Leave of Absence

A Leave of Absence from the College may be requested for a semester, one academic year, three semesters or two academic years. In extenuating circumstances, a student may address a letter of appeal to extend a leave beyond the two-academic year period to the Dean of Students who will present it to the Academic Procedures Committee.

Students who do not appeal successfully to have their leave extended will be withdrawn from the College after a two academic year leave of absence. If the student later wishes to return to the College, an application for readmission must be presented to the Office of Admission.

Returning to the College from a Leave of Absence

A student may return to the College after the period of the leave provided the student has given written notice of intent to return.

To return for the Fall semester, the written notice must be received by April 1. To return for the Spring semester, the written notice must be received by November 1.

Once the written notice is received, the Class Dean will guide the student through the return process and will inform the student what documentation is required to return, such as Financial Aid and Student Accounts return forms, and/or clinical documentation for health-related Leaves of Absence.

Students may be connected to the Office of Accessibility Resources & Services to determine if they may be eligible for accommodations or if they need to update approved accommodations based on submitted clinical documentation.

During the semester of their return, students will be required to meet with their Class Dean three times throughout the term to discuss their transition back to campus (academic and non-academic), their overall wellness, and ways that their Class Dean can support their success at the College.