Our Programs / Volunteer Opportunities

Draper Center Mission Statement

The mission of the Draper Center for Community Partnerships is to foster mutually beneficial exchanges among community members, students, faculty, and staff in order to support educational outreach initiatives, community-based research and learning, and other community engagement activities.


Draper Center '23 - '24 Staff Spirit Statement

At the Draper Center we are dedicated to our role as agents for building strong foundations and fostering sustainable, equitable communities for future generations. Our programs are designed to create virtuous cycles, empowering and propelling the learning, love, and ambitions of all involved.


The Draper Center hopes to deepen existing partnerships and cultivate new ones in the communities surrounding Pomona College. If you or your organization would like to partner with the Draper Center, and seek any of the following:

  • Program collaboration
  • Support for community initiated projects
  • General information

Please email the Draper Center at drapercenter@pomona.edu or call the office (909) 607-1810 for more information.