The Draper Center - Who We Are

The Draper Center for Community Partnerships is your gateway to making a difference in the world!

Established in October 2009, the Draper Center for Community Partnerships embodies the longstanding vision of Pomona College to support learning through service, collaboration, and change-making in our local communities. We coordinate a robust and meaningful program of community engagement efforts which are fully integrated into the educational mission of the College. We are committed to student learning, the enhancement of faculty teaching and research, and improving the quality of life beyond the campus.

Whether you are looking for a class, a chance to get involved, or a more sustained opportunity to make a difference, we can help you turn your passion and interest into something transformative.

The Draper Center is named in recognition of the generosity and support of Ranney Draper (Class of 1960), his wife Priscilla, and the Draper Family Foundation.