Alternabreak 2014 participants prepare to leave campus

Alternabreak 2014 participants prepare to leave campus.

The Draper Center for Community Partnerships offers an assortment of engagement opportunities through its student-coordinated programs. Each of the following provides a mutually-beneficial opportunity to get involved in the world around you. For more information, or to get involved, contact the program coordinators or stop by the Draper Center office.

Group shot from the Pomona Partners program
Students working in the Pomona Partners program
Participants prepare to speak in front of students
Coronado project
Student working on rooftop garden

Alternabreak (Every Spring)

Coordinators: Darertu Doto '18, Teofanny Saragi '18, Malaika Ogukwe '19, Micaiah Palmer '19, Marcus Polk '19, Lucero Ramirez '19, Cheryl Yau '19
Email the Draper Center for more information.  
Alternabreak is a week-long community engagement trip during Spring Break. Students commit their break to volunteering with organizations in the larger community, addressing social issues such as environmental justice, homelessness, and hunger. Coordinators lead 3 trips each spring, in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Oakland (in partnership with the Office of Black Student Affairs). You can sign up to participate on a trip during the fall.


Coordinators: Cyrus Poteat '17, Heidi Yuan '18
ENGAGE builds partnerships with student organizations at The Claremont Colleges to be a bridge to meaningful community engagement opportunities. We aim to encourage critical reflection on why the social justice issues and non-profit organizations we work with exist. These efforts will be a source for innovation and new partnerships in community engagement. Ultimately, we aspire to increase the presence of the Draper Center at The Claremont Colleges and provide a support system for student organizations and activism. Contact the ENGAGE team for more information.

English as a Second Language Tutoring

Coordinators: Jennifer Lopez '17, Ani Schug '17
The English as a Second Language (ESL) Tutoring Program gives staff at Pomona College the opportunity to improve their English speaking, writing, and reading skills though one-on-one meetings with students. Interested staff sign-up and are paired with one or more 5C students who put together weekly lesson plans. The program is a great opportunity for staff and students to build valuable relationships and learn from each other. Email the Draper Center for more information.

Hunger and Homelessness Initiative

Coordinators: Anabel Gomez '18, Sophie Roe '19
Hunger and Homelessness Initiative (HHI) seeks to raise awareness about food and shelter scarcity in the local communities. Through Food Recovery Network, HHI organizes student volunteer drivers to pick up left over food from the dining halls and deliver it to local shelters. We simultaneously reduce food waste at The Claremont Colleges and provide reliable, nutritious food for those in need. Interested students should contact the Food Recovery coordinator.

K-12 Campus Programs

Coordinators: (Justin) Hyobin You '18
The Draper Center is committed to educational outreach, serving various schools and programs in the Inland Valley and LA areas by organizing visits to Pomona College. We are especially committed to introducing underrepresented students to The Claremont Colleges. We create visit events that can include tours, student panels, team building activities, college prep workshops, and age-appropriate issue discussions. To learn more about what we can do for you and your students, email the Campus Programs team at the Draper Center.


Coordinators: Aldair Arriola-Gomez '17, Laura Hernandez '17
LEADERSHIP AND ENGAGEMENT in GENDER AND SEXUALITY (LEGS) is a collaboration with the Queer Resource Center of The Claremont Colleges that brings local LGBTQA high school students and Claremont Colleges students together on a weekly basis. College students and high school students both develop leadership and facilitation skills while establishing sustainable community bonds and exploring aspects of their own and others' identity. Contact the LEGS Coordinators for more information.

Learning IN Collaboration (LINC)

Coordinators: Catherine Song '17, Asem Berkalieva '18, Sophie Roe '19
LINC partners Pomona College tutors with local under-resourced schools. Volunteers will work one on one with elementary school students during and after the school day to help students develop their literacy skills and improve their overall performance in school. The program hopes to both engage students in reading and to make learning more inclusive for families. Email the student coordinators for more information.

Next Level

Coordinators: Emily Chittick '17, Maya Kaul '17, Sara Murphy '18
Next Level is an after school program intended to create a group of students who can articulate what their next step to achieving educational and personal goals are, as well as their hopes for the entire group. Through college visitation field trips, standardized test preparation, mentor relationships, and teambuilding activities, students work together to form long term visions and short term goals based on their values., strengths, and experience. It also seeks to include families in a long-term plan for the future. Contact the Next Level Coordinators for more information.


Coordinators: Jacob Gomez '18, Drew Wesley '18, Erik Guillen '18
The Pomona College Academy for Youth Success (PAYS) yearlong program works to support high school students in their preparation for postsecondary study and to inculcate a culture of  college-bound achievement. During the summer, PAYS participants engage in a rigorous, four week liberal arts curriculum intended to push students’ academic boundaries and to foster community among students and college mentors. College students can volunteer to be a College Advisor or Tutor while seeking summer employment as a Resident Assistant, Teaching Assistant, Writing Tutor or Math Tutor. To get involved, or to find out more, send an email to the coordinator team or drop by the Draper Center.

Pomona Partners

Coordinators: Araceli Garcia '17, Jazmin Ocampo '17, DD Maoz '18
Pomona Partners is a non-academic mentor program for Fremont Academy students focusing on self-realization, empowerment, and social awareness. With coordination through the Draper Center for Community Partnerships, volunteers design and implement a curriculum that includes weekly visits to Fremont as well as two off-site field trips per semester. Pomona Partners hopes to cultivate mentor relationships and foster a peer group for success in high school and a college future. To get involved, or to find out more, send an email to the coordinator team or drop by the Draper Center.

Rooftop Garden Mentoring Program

Coordinators: Ani Schug '17, Soleil Ball Van Zee '19
The Rooftop Garden Mentoring Program is a collaboration between Pomona College and Teen Green, a part of Uncommon Good. The program aims to increase activism and awareness around environmental justice, sustainability, and gardening; build leadership and presentation skills; and develop positive mentoring relationships between Pomona and Teen Green students. Environmentors and mentees work together to develop short workshops and collaborate with other members of the program to cultivate a garden on top of Sontag Residence Hall. We meet biweekly on Thursdays from 4 to 5:30. Contact the Rooftop Gardening mentors directly for more information.

Community Based Research & Learning

Coordinators: Marisol Diaz '18, Heidi Yuan '18

Native Initiatives

Coordinators: Victor Cuicahua '18, Esme Roddy '18