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Language Programs Abroad

Since the ability to speak the language of a foreign country is vital to understanding and communicating with its people, students are expected to take language classes in most approved programs in non-English speaking nations. This includes programs with no previous language skill requirements. Most classes in programs with foreign language prerequisites are conducted in the host language. Students are generally placed in classes on the basis of an initial language placement examination. Pomona credit will not be awarded for redundant language courses. 

Foreign Language Courses in Claremont 

During the semester preceding the term abroad, all students are urged to enroll in a relevant language course and to participate in the language lunch program at Oldenborg Center.  Some programs require students to take the relevant language in the semester preceding study abroad.  Please refer to the appropriate program section of this website for further details.  Those who have previously taken a 44-level, 51b-level, or upper-division language course should enroll in additional upper-division courses. Students should also enroll in one of the conversation classes offered at Oldenborg, when possible. The IDPC considers current language proficiency when making admissions decisions.

Use of Foreign Language While Abroad  

While abroad, students are expected to speak the language of the host country during classes and program activities and as often as possible during recreational time.