ITS Purchasing

All technology hardware and software purchases must be approved in advance by ITS. All technology hardware and software purchases will be coordinated through the ITS department.

Types of technology and devices covered and include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Desktop computers made by any manufacturer
  • Laptop computers made by any manufacturer
  • Printers and copiers made by any manufacturer
  • Tablets made by any manufacturer
  • Technology Leases
  • Purchases of enterprise software, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Office, or any other piece of software

Our criterion for approval includes, but is not limited to, the following characteristics:

  • Security/Encryption capability: does the device have a trusted platform module chip for hardware-based data encryption. All devices purchased with college funds must have this capability.
  • Warranty/Manufacturer Support: Equipment must be new, not refurbished or used.
  • Alignment with department recommendations: does the device meet the College's technical specifications for laptops, desktops, or other technology?
  • Compatibility with central and department information systems: is the device compatible with existing Pomona College systems, networks, and applications?
  • Manufacturer reputation and purchasing policies: does the device come from a reputable manufacturer? Does that manufacturer (or an appropriate channel partner) have a relationship with Pomona College?

It is important to note that even if an item meets the above characteristics, it may still be prohibited for other reasons. ITS will always provide guidance and work with departments to make purchases that comply with these standards and meet departmental technology needs.

Devices purchased outside these guidelines will not be allowed to connect to Pomona Systems, and IT, unfortunately, cannot support them. Individuals or departments that violate this policy can be subject to additional restrictions and actions as determined by their VP or the finance department.

Equipment purchasing includes information on where and how to purchase technology equipment in compliance with Pomona IT standards.

All software being purchased and downloaded to any Pomona computer equipment requires an agreement to be reviewed by the Technology Solutions Review Process.

If you reside within a department supported by Pomona IT, all purchases of computer hardware, software audio-visual, and other substantial peripherals must be approved before purchase by our office. To submit an order for new hardware or software or to obtain a quote for either item, please submit a service request.


PC Desktop

Pomona ITS recommends using Dell's OptiPlex 7000 line for desktop computing needs. The specific model number of OptiPlex depends on Dell's latest release cycle, although Pomona IT officially supports the full OptiPlex line of desktop computers.

Dell OptiPlex desktops can be customized in standard and high-performance models. Various form factors of the computer are available depending on your or your department's unique needs. We recommend an i7 chipset, 16GB of RAM, and 512 or 1 TB storage SSD. Pomona always purchases four years of Dell Warranty for all Dell devices.

PC Laptops

Pomona ITS recommends using Dell's Latitude model line of laptops for mobile computing needs. The specific model of the 14" Latitude laptop depends on Dell's latest release cycle, although Pomona IT officially supports the complete Latitude series of desktop computers. The Latitude series of laptops is also compatible with Pomona's mandatory mobile device encryption requirements.

Dell Latitude laptops can be customized in standard and high-performance models. Various options, from display size to video output ports, are also available for configuration depending on your or your department's unique needs. We recommend the i7 chipset, 16GB of RAM, and 512 or 1 TB of SSD storage. Pomona always purchases four years of Dell Warranty for all Dell devices.

MAC Desktops

Pomona ITS recommends using Apple's 24" iMac for desktop computing needs. The specific model number and specifications depend on Apple’s latest release cycle. We recommend 16GB of RAM and 512 or 1 TB storage SSD. Pomona always purchases four years of AppleCare for all Apple desktop devices.

MAC Laptops

Pomona ITS recommends using the 14" Apple MacBook Pro for mobile computing needs. The specific model depends on Apple's release cycle. We recommend a minimum of 16GB of RAM and 512 or 1 TB of storage. Pomona always purchases four years of AppleCare for all Apple laptop devices.


We support and purchase Android, Apple, and Microsoft Tablets. Funding for these items usually comes from the requesting department. Pomona typically purchases a minimum of a 2-year warranty on tablets. In the case of a Surface, that is a four-year warranty. The Finance Office will not reimburse or pay for cellular service on any mobile device or tablet.

Recommended Monitors

Pomona IT recommends the use of Dell UltraSharp monitors. These monitors provide excellent image quality suitable for most desktop applications. The monitors also come in several sizes depending on your or your department's needs.

Recommended Printers and Copiers

Pomona ITS recommends the use of HP printers and Canon multifunction copiers. The specific model and type of printer depend on the department's desired features. Pomona IT can recommend a particular printer based on a department's desires for print quality options, color or black and white prints, sizing and space available, the number of intended users, and the estimated printer usage, budget, and other relevant usage or formatting factors.

All Canon copiers are on a five-year lease, and all maintenance and toner are included in the department’s monthly lease charges.

Recommended Operating Systems

Pomona ITS officially supports Windows 10 and Mac OS X. For security purposes and software compatibility, we recommend that new devices come installed with the latest version of Windows or Max OS X. Specialized ITS teams have a thorough knowledge of Linux and other operating systems.

Hardware Warranty information

All Apple and Dell computers are purchased with a four-year warranty. If there is an issue with a computing device, please get in touch with the ITS Service Desk. After ITS staff diagnoses a problem, they may contact the manufacturer to arrange an on-site repair, typically in the ITS building.

Staff and Faculty Hardware Eligibility


Full-time and part-time permanent staff positions requiring computers should always consult their supervisor to determine the appropriate platform to meet the office and work needs.

  • New full-time and part-time permanent staff are eligible for a desktop-style computer or a laptop with a docking station, mouse and keyboard, and one 24"Dell monitor.

  • Temporary staff with a limited term of engagement will be issued a computer for their temporary employment.

  • New employees taking over an established position typically inherit their predecessor's computer setup. The hiring department may fund a new machine purchased through ITS.

  • The hiring department typically funds brand-new staff positions' computing equipment. The purchased equipment then gets added into our four-year replacement cycle. Please plan your budget accordingly to meet the new employees' needs. 


Faculty are provided computers based on their role and contract with the College.

  • ITS staff will contact new Tenure-Track positions to discuss their computing needs before they arrive on campus. That discussion may include configuration details, the need for an extra monitor or a printer, and negotiated research computing needs.

  • Faculty with appointments and contracts over two years are provided with a new standard computer. This included visiting assistant professors. Faculty may choose between Apple and Windows devices.

  • Other faculty whose appointment is less than two years may be provided with good-conditioned repurposed computers upon request.

  • Coaches-Fulltime contracts longer than two years are eligible for new standard computers.

  • Assistant Coaches-Part time coaches are typically not eligible for a Pomona College computer.

  • Lectures, adjuncts, and visiting scholars typically don't receive a Pomona college computer unless their scope of responsibility has changed or expanded.

  • Emeriti faculty can keep their currently issued computer but are not eligible for the standard refresh process after the four-year warranty expires

Hardware Replacement Lifecycle


Pomona-purchased computers are warranted and eligible for replacement every four years. This replacement eligibility includes desktop and laptop computers issued as employees' primary computers. Secondary computers purchased with department and research funds may not be funded for replacement with ITS funds.


Pomona printers are not on a standard replacement schedule.

Pomona desktop printers and department printers are the responsibility of the department to fund.

The department must also purchase paper and toner.


All copiers on campus are on a five-year lease through Canon. If you have an issue with a copier, please put a ticket in with ITS, but it may be escalated to Canon for repair.

Monitor Replacement

Monitors are not on a regular replacement cycle. Funding typically comes from the requesting department.

Secondary Dock Purchasing

ITS will provide laptop users with one dock, but if a second dock is requested, it will be charged to the requesting department

Hardware Disposal and Donation

All retired equipment must be returned to ITS. Pomona ITS works with the Claremont School District to dispose of our used assets. Before donating them to the school district, the items are thoroughly erased and removed from the inventory system.

We also have an e-waste company that will properly dispose of items damaged or not taken by the school district.