About the Outdoor Education Center

The mission of the Outdoor Education Center is to provide the Pomona College community with educational, recreational, and social opportunities that focus on local communities and global environments.  Using the outdoors as a classroom, our programs strive to offer co-curricular outdoor experiences that develop leadership skills and promote responsibility, while maintaining balance between personal, professional, and academic pursuits.

Our goals are to:

  • Encourage direct engagement with the outdoors
  • Provide resources for academic experiences both on and off-campus
  • Provide student leadership and development through training and experiential education

Through these engagements we strive to facilitate the following:

  • Teach safety, good judgment, and leadership skills
  • Nurture an environmental ethic
  • Develop technical outdoor skills
  • Promote health, well being, and sustainable lifestyles
  • Encourage holistic perspectives on contemporary issues through co-curricular and interdisciplinary programs
  • Foster meaningful interaction between faculty, staff, students, and other community members
  • Facilitate the organization of independent trips in terms of training, planning, advice, and equipment