Student Development

Orientation Adventure

Orientation Adventure, Pomona’s off-campus orientation program for incoming students, is run through the OEC. Students can choose from a variety of trips that offer the opportunity to meet classmates, learn about college life from student leaders, and explore beautiful California locations. Trips are led by Pomona students, with faculty and staff joining most trips. 

Leadership Training

Using internal resources as well as local and national programs, the OEC provides leadership training and development for students in a variety of programs and settings. Using our facilities or neighboring ones, student leaders become prepared for other campus leadership positions, OA leader positions, and On the Loose leadership positions. This training helps prepare students for leadership opportunities in work settings, community engagement, and volunteer work.

Skills Training Sessions & Workshops

Training sessions and workshops are offered to the entire Claremont Colleges community. Many of these are also offered as the .5 credit P.E. class, or students may simply drop in Monday evenings to attend. Topics include: 

  • Leave no Trace outdoor ethics
  • Map/Compass Orienteering
  • Winter Mountaineering
  • Rock Climbing Instruction
  • Kayaking Instruction
  • Campcraft Basics
  • Leadership Styles
  • Outdoor Privilege
  • Working with Participants in Distress
  • Risk Management & Leadership Traps
  • Backpacking Skills
  • Wilderness Remote First Aid certification
  • Wilderness First Responder (80 hour, offered during winter break)

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