Pomona College Pre-Health Advising serves all current students and alumni interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. We work closely with students to help them tailor academics to best meet the qualifications of health profession schools, navigate research and volunteering opportunities on and off campus, and develop professional skills required to excel in any health profession.

Each year, about 60 Pomona undergraduate students and alumni apply to medical schools.  Pomona graduates are represented at top schools such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins, UCSF, UCLA, Cornell, Washington University, etc. In 2019 cycle, the College's MD school acceptance rate was 85%, substantially higher than the national acceptance rate.

Through the course of a liberal arts education, Pomona College offers an exceptionally strong science program with first-hand laboratory experience and close faculty/student interaction. As such, pre-health students can major in subjects from Biology or Neuroscience to Gender Studies or Public Policy Analysis. Many students contribute to college life by building a tight-knit pre-health community. They are able to interact with local communities and become agents of change through community engagement programs such as those run at the Draper Center. There are many opportunities for students to explore culture globally through studying abroad in locations such as Denmark, Peru, and Jordan. Other opportunities include being an athlete who displays leadership, teamwork, and humility. During the summer, students can join a research project at the City of Hope, The Lundquist Institute, or start volunteering in Pomona or the Los Angeles area serving a diverse population. Some students enter with few science courses while others come to Pomona already committed. There is a place for everyone at Pomona, with opportunities at all levels.

We are committed to your career exploration, assessing your options, and helping you select the best path for you. We encourage you to Explore, Prepare and Apply with us.