Pomona College Scholars

Each semester, the distinction of Pomona College Scholar is awarded to the top quarter of students in each class as determined by semester grade point average, who in the past semester: 1) completed at least three graded courses; 2) did not receive any incomplete (I) grades; and 3) did not receive any "no credit" (NC) grades in any course that is normally included in the grade-point average calculation. 

The GPA cutoffs for Pomona College Scholars eligibility are recalculated every semester to determine the top 25 percent of each class, using the actual GPAs earned by students in each class. The chart below provides GPA cutoffs for recent semesters. Please note that these figures are provided for historical perspective only, and that future cutoffs depend on the actual GPAs earned by students in future semesters and cannot be determined in advance.

Pomona College Scholars - GPA Cutoffs for Previous Semesters

Semester          First-Year   SophomoreJunior        Senior        
Fall 201711.50011.50011.75011.860
Spring 201811.60011.66611.78912.000
Fall 201811.66611.71411.75011.833
Spring 201911.66611.75011.75012.000
Fall 201911.75011.75011.75011.789
Spring 2020****
Fall 202011.77012.00011.83312.000
Spring 202112.00012.00012.00012.000
Fall 2021**4.0004.0004.0004.000
Spring 20224.0004.0004.0004.000
Fall 20224.0004.0004.0004.000
Spring 20234.0004.0004.0004.000
Fall 20234.0004.0004.0004.000

*Not applicable for spring 2020 semester due to pass/no credit grading

**Beginning with Fall 2021, Pomona's GPA scale changed to 4.0