LEED Certified Buildings

Pomona College employs the highest sustainability standards with every new construction project. Recognizing the challenge of adding square footage to already straining resources, Pomona College follows LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) practices with each step of the construction process. Mandated by the Sustainability Action Plan (2011), the College strives for a minimum of LEED Gold level certification with each project.

The following are the LEED-certified buildings on the Pomona College campus:

  • Center for Athletics, Recreation and Wellness (LEED Platinum, 2022)
  • Benton Museum of Art (LEED Gold, 2019)
  • Estella Laboratory and Andrew Science Hall (LEED Platinum, 2015)
  • Studio Art Building (LEED Gold, 2015)
  • Grounds I (Gold 2013)
  • Grounds II (Gold, 2013)
  • Grounds III (Gold, 2013)​
  • Dialynas Residence Hall (Platinum, 2011)
  • Sontag Residence Hall (Platinum, 2011)
  • Lincoln Hall (Gold, 2007)
  • Edmunds Hall (Gold, 2007)
  • Richard C Seaver Biology (Silver, 2006)

Built to LEED Gold+ standard but not certified because parking structures do not qualify:

  • South Campus Parking Structure (2011)