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Resources and Programs

The Sustainability Office offers a variety of resources to make sustainable living more accessible. Want to get involved? Email or stop by our office on the ground level of Harwood.

Reduce & Reuse 

  • Checkout Programs: borrow a drying rack or power strip; pick up a free collapsible cup, LED bulb, or reusable menstrual cup!
  • Greenware Form: free plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery for short-term rental.
  • Cookware Form: free cooking and baking supplies for short-term rental.
  • Book Room: books and textbooks available for $1, $2, or $10 (located in Walker Lounge).
  • Free Room: clothing, shoes, and knickknacks free for donating or taking (located in Walker Lounge).
  • ReCoop: donate clothing, books, furniture, and dorm supplies at the end of the year; purchase the gently used items during the back-to-school yard sale at an affordable price!


  • Green Bikes: year-long bike rental from our student-run program.
  • Class Pass: free bus passes for Foothill Transit.
  • Rideshare: receive $2 per day for sustainable commuting to campus (carpool, electric vehicle, walk, bike).
  • Metrolink Reimbursement: receive up to $100 monthly reimbursement for using the Metrolink for commuting or work-related trips.
  • PoolCar: reserve a campus vehicle (5-seater compact/sedan or 7-seater minivan) for off-campus work-related trips.