Resources and Programs

The Sustainability Office offers a variety of resources to make sustainable living more accessible. Want to get involved? Email or stop by our office on the ground level of Harwood.

Reduce & Reuse 

  • Checkout Programs: borrow a drying rack or power strip; pick up a free collapsible cup, LED bulb, or reusable menstrual cup!
  • Greenware Form: free plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery for short-term rental.
  • Cookware Form: free cooking and baking supplies for short-term rental.
  • Book Room: books and textbooks available for $1, $2, or $10 (located in Walker Lounge).
  • Free Room: clothing, shoes, and knickknacks free for donating or taking (located in Walker Lounge).
  • ReCoop: donate clothing, books, furniture, and dorm supplies at the end of the year; purchase the gently used items during the back-to-school yard sale at an affordable price!
  • Greenboxes: rather than using a disposable to-go container, you can check out a greenbox at any of Pomona's dining halls for your on-the-go meals. Once you are done with it, you can bring it back with you on your next trip to the dining hall!


  • Green Bikes: year-long bike rental from our student-run program.
  • Class Pass: free bus passes for Foothill Transit.
  • Rideshare: receive $2 per day for sustainable commuting to campus (carpool, electric vehicle, walk, bike).
  • Metrolink Reimbursement: receive up to $100 monthly reimbursement for using the Metrolink for commuting or work-related trips.
  • PoolCar: reserve a campus vehicle (5-seater compact/sedan or 7-seater minivan) for off-campus work-related trips.

Funding for Projects

If you have an idea for a project but need money to develop or maintain your efforts in sustainability, here are possible opportunities for funding:

Sustainability Office

The Sustainability Office has funding for campus projects and special events. Contact the office at for more information about possible topics for projects and papers.

President's Sustainability Fund

President's Sustainability Fund proposals for the 2019-20 are now open until November 12! To apply, please read the Request for Proposals document and email for additional information or guidance.

Launched in 2007, the President's Sustainability Fund has granted over $40,000 for student initiated projects. The President's Advisory Committee on Sustainability administers the fund, up to $7,500 total per year, for student campus sustainability projects. Students submit proposals in the fall and complete projects in the spring semester. To be eligible for funding, projects must focus on infrastructural or operational changes as opposed to solely outreach or educational efforts (for instance, bringing a speaker to campus is not an intended use of the funds, unless perhaps in conjunction with some related campus operational project).

Projects that have received funding in the past include:

  • A self-repair bike station at the Smith Campus Center
  • Water bottle refill station in the Smith Campus Center Courtyard
  • Beverage dispensers to reduce plastic water bottle use at Class Day
  • Reusable bags for the Coop Store
  • Compost receptacles for the Coop Fountain
  • Pilot program for reusable dishes in Catering
  • Drying racks installed in residence halls laundry rooms
  • The construction of SolTrain, a mobile solar array that can be used to power events
  • Increased signage for the Recycling Center in the Smith Campus Room
  • Post-consumer composting in the dining halls
  • Greenware sustainable event kits of reusable, recycled dishware
  • Native landscaping at Sontag Hall and Frary/Brackett
  • Shower timers for residence halls

Contact the Sustainability Office at for more information. The Sustainability Office can help you develop project ideas and prepare proposals.

Environmental Quality Committee

EQC receives an annual budget from the Associated Students of Pomona College. This budget can be used for events and projects. Contact the Environmental Affairs Commissioner through the Pomona College Senate for more information.

The Environmental Analysis Program

The EA Program often contributes to events or projects that have an educational component, such as bringing a speaker to campus or sending a student to a conference or other event. Contact the EA Program for more information.

Other Sources

The Dean of Students Office maintains an extensive listing of funding sources for student endeavors, including travel to conferences and events. See their website for more information.