Alumni and Family Attitude Survey

We Asked What You Thought, and You Told Us.

Last summer, the College launched a multiyear project with alumni and families to strengthen connectivity, understanding and engagement. We partnered with PEG, Ltd., a leading national alumni research firm that has worked with Caltech, Grinnell, Georgetown and Duke, among others.

In this first survey round, we received over 2,100 responses. Here’s some of what we learned.

What Do Alumni and Families Want More Of?

Overall, both alumni and families want more engagement. Events matter and they clearly want to feel connection and vibrancy with relation to Pomona College. 40 percent of alumni want to receive more invitations to events, which speaks to the value of events and overall alumni engagement, whether that alumnus/a decides to attend the event.

Alumni want to know more about how the student experience is better today through Pomona’s Career Development Office programs, including career services, ways for alumni to help students find a job, career skills/training, student internships and student mentorship opportunities.

Alumni have a strong interest in knowing that events and alumni programs are happening and that alumni and/or Pomona College are benefiting from those events. This is especially true for networking events, mentoring of students, and alumni identifying job opportunities for graduates.


What is Pomona College Doing with the Initial Results?

We heard you. We are sharing back what we heard. And we’re taking action.

We will study the results and begin to strategically incorporate enhanced engagement and service programming across the board.

We will increase campus and regional in-person engagement along with virtual engagement programming to better serve alumni and families.

We will strengthen the partnership between Alumni and Family Engagement and the Career Development Office to activate alumni network programming that provides more support from alumni during the student experience to better prepare students and young alumni for career success and lifetime well-being.

What Happens Next?

We will continue to study these results and explore ways to strengthen alumni and family engagement. We will share new programs and services as they are developed and implemented.

Our Next Steps

You’ll be hearing more from us soon as we study your feedback and make plans to engage and serve Pomona College alumni and families. In the meantime:

Keep in Touch. Stay Connected. Get Involved.