Pomona Studio Art Hall - Sustainability

A leader in higher education sustainability, Pomona College adopted green building guidelines in 2003. Current guidelines require all construction to be built to at least LEED Gold standards.

Studio Art Hall Sustainability Features

Energy efficiency

Extensive use of high efficiency, clearstory glazing and strategic placement of program elements to reduce the need for interior lighting.
Maximum integration of natural ventilation, operable windows and deep overhangs to enhance year-round shaded breezes, reducing the need for air conditioning.
Solar: 17Kw photo voltaic array on the roof will handle over 7% of the total building energy use.
Energy efficiency measures also include mechanical/natural ventilation controls, high efficiency central plant equipment, ceiling fans, reduced interior lighting power, reduced exterior lighting power, high efficiency fluorescent and LED light fixtures, daylight sensors, occupancy sensors, high efficiency cooling from air-cooled chillers, concrete walls and Energy Star Appliances.


Storm water management system that includes water detention basins, with a predicted 100% decrease in both rate and quantity of runoff from calculated pre-project conditions.
Predicted 41% water use reduction due to low-flow lavatories, low-flow kitchen sinks and dual-flush water closets.
Water efficient landscaping and irrigation includes drought tolerant and native plants resulting in a 78% reduction of potable water use.


Use of paving and roofing materials with a Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of greater than 29 to reduce heat island effect.
Construction materials included: 20% recycled content and approximately 20% regionally sourced.
Low VOC products used throughout included: silicone building sealants, acrylic latex caulking compound, tile mortar, linoleum tile adhesive, tack tile connectors, cove base adhesives, and paints.
75% of construction waste was recycled.

The College currently has eight buildings certified under the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED guidelines: two LEED Platinum, five LEED Gold and one LEED silver.