Emergency Response Faculty Guidelines

The following guidelines are meant to serve as a resource to faculty during an emergency situation which would require an immediate response.

Review of Classroom Emergency Information

Take a few minutes during the first-class session to review the emergency information posted in each classroom. The posted information outlines helpful responses to a variety of conditions and includes the primary evacuation site. Your classroom is equipped with:

  • Color Coded Placards
  • Bleed kit (behind Placards)
  • Anchorman Door Barricade

Evacuation Procedures

  • Know the nearest exits and the evacuation site noted at the bottom of the classroom or laboratory Emergency Procedure Poster.
  • When you hear the fire alarm or receive an Everbridge Emergency Notification, immediately stop what you are doing and exit the building.
  • Take with you ONLY essential personal items (wallet, keys, glasses, cell phone, etc.).
  • While leaving, take note of any hazards and place the GREEN EVACUATION SIGN NEAR THE EXTERIOR SIDE OF YOUR CLASSROOM DOOR. You will find the signs placed behind the class rosters
  • If requested, assist anyone who appears to need direction or assistance.
  • Shut all doors behind you but do not lock. Closed doors can slow the spread of fire, smoke and water (if applicable).
  • Once outside, proceed directly to the building evacuation site and check in with the Disaster Assistance Response Team (D.A.R.T.) indicating which members of the class were NOT present, members of the class that were unable to evacuate and any hazards you observed.
  • Do not leave the evacuation site unless directed to do so by Pomona College D.A.R.T. member.

Shelter-In-Place Procedures

Depending on the circumstances, when the College issues a campus alert calling for a lockdown or to shelter in place, you should:

  • Move into or stay inside the nearest building.
  • Go into an interior room or office with few windows, if possible.
  • Secure or block doors utilizing anchorman door barricade or any heavy object in the room (desk, chairs, etc.).
  • Silence electronics such as cell phones; set phones to vibrate.
  • If the door has a window, cover it with any available material (paper, clothing, etc.).
  • Stay away from windows and doors.
  • Remain in place until notified by police, fire or College officials. Utilize the color-coded placards stored by the class rosters to indicate the status of the occupants in the room or building.

LiveSafe Application

The College introduced a new mobile safety App called LiveSafe. The LiveSafe app will improve communication between students, faculty, and campus police, and allows for faster emergency response in distress situations. By having access to the latest safety information, our goal is to help build a safe campus, together. The app allows you to:

  • Send your location to campus police in an emergency
  • Report tips anonymously to campus police
  • Let friends or family monitor you as you walk home, so you never have to walk alone.
  • Receive real-time safety alerts from campus police to your phone

Here’s how you can get the app:

  1. Visit the iTunes or Google Play store depending on your smartphone and download the “LiveSafe” app (blue shield icon).
  2. Choose Pomona College from the list of schools that appears once you’ve downloaded.
  3. Fill-in your name and contact info so we can get in touch in the event of an emergency.