Orientation Adventure Leaders pose with President Oxtoby

Orientation Adventure trips are led by older students – just one of many ways you can gain training and experience in leadership at Pomona.

Pomona students are driven, motivated and passionate about using their talents to the fullest extent, and Pomona College is equally driven to provide opportunities for our students to gain the leadership skills that will help them after they graduate.

Our 4-7 Leadership Program is a four-year certificate program that is based on a social change model, which approaches leadership as purposeful, collaborative, and values-based. Our Outdoor Leadership Certification Program offers a multi-year experience that will turn you into an outdoor guru who can safely lead trips.

At Pomona, leadership is about being socially responsible. It’s accessible to anyone. It’s a path, not a position.

As you learn leadership skills, you can put them into action any number of ways on campus:

  • Run for student government
  • Start or lead a club
  • Become a sponsor
  • Become a resident advisor
  • Create a collaborative research or arts project
  • Lead an Orientation Adventure trip
  • Mentor high school students
  • Become a manager in your on-campus job
  • Coordinate a community engagement project