Jobs and Internships

Another way Pomona students get involved and test out career paths is internships and on-campus jobs.

Each student has an annual allotment of hours that they can work on campus, and the variety of jobs is large enough that you can hone a personal talent, explore a new interest, or just seek an interesting position.

On-campus jobs include (but aren’t limited to):

  • leading Orientation Adventure trips,
  • being a sponsor or a residential advisor,
  • working at the Coop Fountain or Coop Store,
  • assisting an office like Communications or the Dean of Students,
  • coordinating community outreach and partnership programs in the Draper Center,
  • working at the Museum, Admissions Office, or in Athletics,
  • or being an academic department liaison.

Students can look for jobs using Handshake via our Career Development Office. For more information on student employment and work allotments at Pomona, visit our jobs page in Financial Aid

You can also seek internships during the academic year or summer. Pomona helps fund this real-world education for students who can’t afford unpaid work by providing stipends and commuting/travel assistance.

Los Angeles and our local communities offer many opportunities during the school year, and some students intern internationally while on study abroad or in the summer.

Our students have interned everywhere from the U.S. federal government and PricewaterhouseCoopers to Warner Brothers Records and UNAIDS.