Living in Claremont

The small suburb of Claremont has grown up around Pomona College, which was founded in 1887.

As each of the seven colleges in The Claremont Colleges was founded and blossomed, Claremont grew into a unique Southern California oasis – a beautifully landscaped town full of scholars with a vibrant downtown. The adjoining colleges comprise one square mile of our 13.4 square mile city “of trees and Ph.D.s.”

Our students have access to the resources of a large university—amazing facilities, the potential to meet thousands of fellow scholars, 2,700 classes to choose from—while living at a residential college in a quaint, walkable college town with restaurants, boutiques, a comedy club, and an art-house cinema.

If you itch to escape our “bubble,” Los Angeles is just 35 miles away, accessible via the local commuter train or Zipcar.

We help fund transportation costs when needed for students interning in Los Angeles. Professors take advantage of our location by scheduling field trips. We sponsor “47 Things” trips to take students to museums, attractions, and arts events. You can also explore the nearby desert and mountains via our Outdoor Education Center and the On the Loose student club.