The Pomona College Student Employment Program is a valuable part of the College experience. Not only is it a practical way for students to earn money to contribute toward their educational expenses, it also gives students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, time-management skills, and, in some situations, provide vital support to local, non-profit organizations.

The Office of Financial Aid partners with the Career Development Office (CDO) to establish jobs, both on and off campus, and to provide students with a wide range of employment opportunities. All students are welcome to apply for available positions posted on Handshake, our web-based employment system offered through the CDO.

Work Allotment

The Office of Financial Aid awards students a work allotment at the start of each academic year, regardless of financial need. Students may view their student work allotment information, including their allotment award amount and earnings-to-date, online at within the Financial Aid section of the Student Portal. You may use your work allotment for student employment offered on campus, and for a select few off-campus locations contracted through the Pomona College Student Employment program.

See How To Access Student Employment Information on the Portal [pdf] for additional guidance.

Student Employment Coordinator

Contact the Student Employment Coordinator at (909) 607-3867 or with any questions you may have regarding the Pomona College Student Employment Program.