Student Employment

The Pomona College Student Employment Program is a valuable part of the College experience. Not only is it a practical way for students to earn money to contribute toward their educational expenses, it also provides students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, time-management skills, and, in some situations, provide vital support to local, non-profit organizations.

The Office of Financial Aid partners with the Career Development Office (CDO) to establish jobs, both on and off campus, and to provide students with a wide range of employment opportunities. All students are welcome to apply for available positions posted on Handshake, our web-based employment system offered through the CDO.

Work Allotment

The Office of Financial Aid awards students a work allotment at the start of each academic year, regardless of financial need. Students receiving financial aid may view their student work allotment information on their Offer of Financial Aid within FinAid47.  Students not receiving financial aid have a standard allotment of $1400.  Students may use their work allotment for student employment offered on campus, and for a select few off-campus locations contracted through the Pomona College Student Employment program.

  • Students can work up to 12 hours a week.
  • Students can work for one or more on-campus departments OR receive funding from one stipend based program.

California State Minimum Wage

Typically, student employment positions are compensated at the California State Minimum Wage rate. Below is a timeline of the California State Minimum Wage incremental increase.

Effective Date Minimum Wage Rate of Pay
January 1, 2021 $14.00 per hour
January 1, 2022 $15.00 per hour
January 1, 2023 $15.50 per hour