Cost of Attendance

2023-24 Academic Year

Item On Campus Off Campus Parents/Relatives
Tuition $61,906 $61,906 $61,906
Fees $420 $420 $420

Housing & Food

$20,374 $17,445 $12,332
Books & Supplies $1,100 $1,100 $1,100
Personal Expenses $1,500 $1,500 $1,500
Medical Insurance $2,868** $2,868** $2,868**
Total $88,168 $85,239 $80,126

The cost of attendance is what the college estimates it will cost to attend Pomona for one year. Included in the cost of attendance are direct costs for tuition, fees, housing and food for students living on campus, and indirect cost estimates for books, supplies, personal expenses, and transportation.

Academic-year costs assume full-time attendance for two semesters, Fall and Spring.  These budgets are used to award financial aid and are published annually.

*Students that live off campus or at home are not billed directly for room charges. Instead, the cost of attendance for financial aid is based on average expenses for  living off campus or living at home. (The average is determined from surveying students not living on campus). Students who live off-campus are required to have a meal plan. See Tuition and Costs for 2023-24 for additional details on meal plan requirements.

** Medical Insurance cost is estimated.  Medical Insurance may be waived if student can verify they are already covered by comparable coverage as determined by the Dean of Students Office.  For more information about tuition and costs, the College's billing process, payment options and refund policies, visit the Office of Student Accounts.