Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP)

Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP)

Pomona College requires that all students carry adequate health insurance that will be accessible in Claremont and comparable to the Claremont Colleges health insurance plan. At The Claremont Colleges, we offer Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), which many students have found valuable. 

All students are automatically enrolled in SHIP every year, waiving out is an annual process. You may waive out if you have a private insurance policy. If you do not waive out, you will be automatically enrolled in the annual SHIP plan through The Claremont Colleges. All international students with a student visa are required to purchase SHIP and cannot waive out.

The Deadline to waive out of SHIP is September 13, 2024. NOTE: The waiver portal will open after May 3, 2024.

In the best interest of our students’ health and access to care, we expect that Pomona College students' alternative coverage be accessible in Claremont and comparable to The Claremont Colleges’ Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) if you wish to waive out.

Please review your coverage thoroughly to ensure accessibility and comparable coverage prior to completing the waiver form. You are responsible for all medical expenses resulting from services that are not covered by your health insurance. You may wish to pose the following questions to your family’s health insurance company as you decide whether your policy from home is sufficient:

  • What if you need to see a Primary Care Doctor, Specialist, Therapist or get medical tests done?
  • What if you were in a bicycle accident and needed surgery to repair damage to your knee?
  • Would you be covered if you chose to get surgery near campus or would they only provide coverage if you traveled back home for the surgery?
  • Could you do so in Claremont?

It is very important that you investigate your home health insurance policy. You might find that it does not cover services that are out of network, and, for example, if your policy is in another state, it may not cover seeing a doctor in California.