Financial Assistance for SHIP

Pomona College recognizes that the cost of coverage through The Claremont College Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP) may cause financial hardship for some students and their families. For this reason, all students enrolled in SHIP who receive Pomona College financial aid will automatically be packaged with a Pomona Medical Grant to cover half of the cost of the health insurance ($1,391). Students may request a loan to cover the second half ($1,391). Students who are not receiving financial aid or any student requesting a loan should send an email to the Office of Financial Aid. A revised letter of financial aid eligibility will be sent to you. If you later wish to decline your requested loan, please return the letter with “declined” indicated next to the loan or email the Office of Financial Aid with the request. Students who are receiving outside scholarships may be eligible to have the second half of the premium covered by the outside scholarship. This will be determined at the time of notification of the outside award.