The campus employment program was organized to provide all students, who are eligible to work in the United States, the opportunity to earn money toward their college expenses.  Student employees are part-time employees whose primary role on campus is to earn a degree. As such, a student employment position is intended to be secondary to the completion of your Pomona degree. Students who are enrolled at least half-time (1.5 credits or more) have the opportunity to participate in the Student Employment Program.

Students work for a variety of reasons. Some need their earnings to help defray the basic costs of a Pomona education, while others want their earnings for social activities or other expenditures. Still others recognize that the skills and work habits they gain on the job will benefit them when they seek full-time employment, and some simply enjoy the camaraderie of work groups.  Regardless of your financial aid status, Pomona College offers a student work allotment to all enrolled students.

Each student is granted a work allotment that can range between $1,400 and $2,800 depending on the student's level of financial need. Students who are recipients of financial aid are awarded a need-based student work allotment of $2,800. Students who are not receiving need based financial aid or who may have an outside award that replaced or reduced the need-based work award, will be eligible to earn up to $1,400 during the academic year.  Your supervisor may also request a higher work allotment, if the departmental budget allows for additional earnings.

The Financial Aid Office awards and monitors work allotments and earnings throughout the year. Students are responsible for planning their work schedule in accordance with their work allotment. Regular notifications are sent to all students and their supervisor who have less than $300 left to earn through the work program. Please discuss allotment increases with your supervisor.