The Financial Aid Office awards students a work allotment at the start of each academic year, regardless of financial need. You may use your work allotment for student employment offered on campus, and for a select few off-campus locations contracted through the Financial Aid Office.  Students receiving need based financial aid generally have a work allotment of $2,800 and all other students can expect to earn up to $1,400 per year.  The allotment for any student can be increased by your hiring supervisor.

Note that your student work allotment is for the academic year only and does not apply to the summer break.

Allotment Increase Requests

Students who hold more than one job cannot receive an allotment increase. Some exceptions do apply, but only for those students who hold a pre-approved, "high need" position, such as Grader, Tutor, or Mentor.

Wages earned on campus during winter break are considered part of your total annual work study allotment. A work allotment increase for the winter break may be submitted by your supervisor prior to the break. 

If you have any questions regarding work allotments or the Student Employment program, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at (909) 621-8205 or