Finding an On-Campus Job

Pomona College student employment listings are available on Handshake, our web-based employment system. You may use your student work allotment for student employment offered on campus, and for a select few off-campus locations contracted through Student Employment.

For assistance with Handshake, visit the support page or contact the Career Development Office at 909-621-8144.

How to Get an Interview

Follow the application instructions given for each specific job posting on Handshake. These instructions may ask you to contact the supervisor listed on the Handshake job posting for an interview opportunity. Be sure to have your Employment Eligibility Letter, which lists the maximum amount of student wages you are eligible to earn for the academic year, with you during your interview. 

If you plan to have more than one job, it is important to inform each supervisor during the interview or once you have been hired. Students who work more than one job must plan their work hours carefully to prevent earning more than their annual allotment. Students who hold more than one job are not eligible for an allotment increase. If you decide to work more than one job, you can easily calculate your expected earnings with our earnings calculator [xls].


If you have questions regarding the Student Employment program, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at (909) 621-8205 or

Contact with questions or concerns regarding Handshake or Career Development.