Recent Pomona Graduates Awarded Fulbrights

2022 Fulbright winners

Seven graduates from Pomona College’s class of 2022 and one from the class of 2020 received Fulbright awards this spring. The Fulbright program seeks to promote international understanding by offering awards for one year of research, university study or English language teaching abroad.

Learn more about the projects from the class of 2022 awardees.

Kristine Chow ’22

A linguistics major, Chow will incorporate a dual language teaching style to teach English in Colombia. She plans to employ a bilingual classroom cookbook project and game activities to help in language learning. She hopes to immerse herself in the neighborhood by interacting with locals and hosting workshops to cook together, sharing foods that are important to each participant.

Kelly Ho ’22

Ho, a public policy analysis major with a psychology concentration, will serve as an English teaching assistant in Taiwan. Her career plan is to become a social worker, and she looks forward to examining how social services are presented and distributed in Taiwan. To engage with the community, she will host a weekly language exchange group with local university students, as well as volunteer in elderly homes and food banks to spend time with and learn from the elderly generation.

Brady Huang ’22

Huang, an Asian American studies major, will also head to Taiwan as an English teaching assistant. Huang looks forward to gaining experience in teaching diverse classrooms and connecting cross-culturally, skills which will be instrumental in Huang’s future career plans as a professor. Huang hopes to organize an English-speaking club in the community, inviting students’ family members and neighbors to practice English while participating in interactive activities.

Steven Osorio ’22

Osorio, a double major in economics and history, will conduct a three-part musicological research project in Spain examining how four popular Spanish jazz bandleaders nicknamed the “Four Queens of Spain” resisted anti-jazz government campaigns during the Second Spanish Republic and the early Spanish State. He will work with the University of Valladolid’s foremost jazz musicologist Iván Iglesias to write a research paper documenting the Queens’ resistance strategies, transcribing 24 of their records, forming a historically faithful jazz band and conducting concert-lectures for the Valladolid and Madrid general public.

Sayde Perry ’22

A molecular biology major, Perry will pursue a master of philosophy degree in genetics at the University of Leicester in the U.K. Through her project, she will address the threat of antibiotic resistance, specifically in the context of the causative bacterial agents of urinary tract infections. “In preparation for my future plans to pursue a Ph.D. or M.D.-Ph.D., and in the context of antibiotic resistance being predicted to be the cause of the next global pandemic, I hope that my work will solidify the platform upon which to build my research career,” says Perry.

Nathan Shankar ’22

Shankar, a mathematics major, will serve as an English teaching assistant in Taiwan. He hopes that the skills developed through his Fulbright experience will help prepare him for a desired career in math education. In Taiwan, he plans to find an existing acoustic guitar group class or start one of his own. “As Taiwan has a rich body of folk and pop music, leading a guitar group or teaching the instrument to others would be an exciting platform for cultural exchange,” he says.

Ruby Simon ’22

Simon, a history major, will teach English in Spain. She looks forward to gaining both practical classroom time and a chance to reflect more broadly on the education field. “As an aspiring history teacher, I hope to observe how Spanish teachers approach the topic of history and interview some about their work,” she says. In Spain, she hopes to get involved in gardening, perhaps at a community garden organization, allowing her to get to know locals who share her interests in gardening and food.