Student Art Exhibition Spring 2018

Installation view west wall

Installation view with works by students in Art 192 (sculptures) and Art 105A (works on paper)

Installation view south wall

Installation view with works by students in Art 129 (videos), Art 21 (posters), and Art 192 (sculptures)

Installation view north wall in south gallery

Installation view with works by students in Art 5 (works on paper), Art 20 (photographs), and Art 115 (zines)

Installation view north wall in north gallery

Installation view with student works in Art 111 (hybrid paintings)

Installation view south wall north gallery

Installation view with works by students in Art 192 (mixed media), Art 111 (hybrid paintings), and Art 10 (landscape paintings in grid)

On view March 5 – March 23, 2018

Closing reception with the artists - March 23 from 7 - 9 p.m.

Students from our current art classes will install their artworks in the gallery on March 5th & 6th and the exhibition will be open until March 23rd from 10 a.m. to 12noon and 1 - 4 p.m. on Monday-Friday. There will be a wide range of mediums including 2d design, artist books, drawing, mixed media, painting, performance, photography, sculpture, and zines.

The Pomona College Art Department schedules ten courses each semester, enrolling students from all across The Claremont Colleges. This semester, class topics range from Self Publishing for Artists to Performance Art to Hybridity in Painting. Although all working in the same building complex, rarely are the doors opened for fellow students and the public to take a peek at the vibrant work being made in the studios.

In the Student Art Exhibition, all ten classes will come together in the Chan Gallery to present their best current works in classes guided by Pomona’s five current art faculty: Mark Allen, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Michael O’Malley, Mercedes Teixido, and Suzanne Wright. Students participating in this show come from various majors, years, and campuses, but are unified in their engagement with the Pomona College Art Department. The Student Art Exhibition is a unique opportunity to see a unified display of work from all current art students in one gallery, showcasing the breadth in media and content of our department’s wonderful student artists.

Spring 2018 Art classes that will participate in the exhibition include the following:

  • Art 5 Drawing I with Mercedes Teixido
  • Art 10 Painting I with Suzanne Wright
  • Art 20 Black and White Photography with Lisa Anne Auerbach
  • Art 21 2D Design with Mark Allen
  • Art 105A Abstractions with Mercedes Teixido
  • Art 111 Contemporary Topics in Painting with Suzanne Wright
  • Art 115 Distro! Self-Publishing for Artists with Lisa Anne Auerbach
  • Art 129 Performance in Contemporary Art with Mark Allen
  • Art 131C Functional Sculpture and Conceptual Design with Michael O’Malley
  • Art 192 Advanced Projects in Art with Michael O’Malley

The exhibition is organized by current art majors Sara Arthur-Paratley, Sophie Morada, Marcus Polk, and Michelle Qin under the guidance of Tricia Avant.