Static Arts Collective Exhibition home page shot grabbed by Ise Henriques Sharp
Art major Ise Henriques Sharp is part of a collective of student artists who have created an avenue for showcasing the arts during the Summers of 2018, 2019, and 2020 through their Static Arts Collective.
Photographer Ian Byers-Gamber in his Honda, the vehicle that frames portraits he’s shot during the pandemic.(Dania Maxwell / Los Angeles Times)
The upheaval we have all experienced in our lives because of the pandemic has been real, difficult, and sad beyond belief, but our resilience in the face of such adverse...
Malik’s designs on the runway, photo by Henri Cooney, 2020
The Art Department has asked Malik Sims to give a personal account of his recent accomplishment in which he presented a collection of designs made over the last year for a fashion show in Edinburgh, Scotland this February
Nicole Choi gives talk to The Rembrandt Club members
Each year The Rembrandt Club offers awards to junior art majors that will allow them to further their knowledge about the art and design that inspires them in their own practices.
A work in progress… potential material for the exhibition
An open call to all students to contribute works to the upcoming exhibition at the Chan Gallery titled Works in Progress has gone out to The Claremont Colleges community.