Sara Arthur-Paratley, Six, dance performance with Cassie Wang and Sophie Zagerman
This year’s exhibition featuring senior art majors Sara Arthur-Paratley, Olivia Campbell, Anabel Gomez, Sonia Grunwald, Chris Harding, Clark Hollenberg, Devon Horn, Michelle Qin, Kirsten Tingle, and Jessica Wang was fantastic!
Viewers observing 50 DAYS Exhibition
This fall semester, the Junior and Senior Pomona College art majors are exhibiting their work in a show called 50 Days at the Chan Gallery.
Untitled, Marcus Polk, 2017
The night of Friday, September 29th, three Pomona-Pitzer students were making final preparations for their first ever art show at Pomona College’s vibrant new Studio Art Hall.
Professor Sandeep Mukherjee in Berlin this fall
This August Sandeep Mukherjee will embark upon a residency that will culminate in a solo show in Berlin. Last fall Mukherjee was invited by the gallery 68projects in Berlin to show his new work and the Villa Aurora & Thomas Mann House