Make It Backwards!

Print for Make It Backwards

Solomon S. Moore, Fortvna (Reversal of Fortune), 2023, Tetra Pak drypoint on construction paper with linocut on Hosho chine-collé, 9 x 12 inches

January 31 - Feb 17, 2023

Opening reception on Tuesday, January 31st, from 3-5 pm

Make It Backwards! is a group exhibition featuring smaller works from the faculty and staff of The Claremont Colleges.

In honor of National Backwards Day, January 31, 2023, we asked our colleagues to contribute works that deal with the themes of reversals and opposites, to mix things up, get creative, let go, and have fun making art. They produced works that ranged from literal to whimsical to convoluted while interpreting the backwards theme. Once the exhibition ends, all works will go into Special Collections at The Claremont Colleges Library to live a new life in our community archives.