• Unconscious ARTiculations: Junior Art Exhibition Spring 2020
    Unconscious ARTiculations Junior Art Exhibition

An exhibition including drawing, painting, sculpture, and installation by four junior art majors: Sei M’pfunya, Gabrielle Ohlson, Ise Sharp, and Chloe Wanaselja.​

“My work hints at experiences of life threaded to together in a non-linear ordering of time through the unconscious process of painting with watercolor and in some cases, ink.” - Sei M’pfunya

“These garments are alterations to the version of myself that I present to the rest of the world. We choose the clothes that we wear—styling an idealized version of ourselves for others to see—but we don’t choose our visceral emotions. The hardest decision is whether to use our exteriors to conceal or revel in our internal vulnerabilities. I knit to tell the stories that I’d be too scared to share while looking you in the eyes.” – Gabrielle Ohlson

"For me creating artwork is a form of meditation. I work intuitively to create dreamscapes which represent the state of my mind." - Ise Sharp

"Through my drawing, I am able to glimpse the flow of trees through space, their patterns, personality, and experiences of reality." – Chloe Wanaselja