Sara Arthur-Paratley, Six, dance performance with Cassie Wang and Sophie Zagerman

Sara Arthur-Paratley, Six, dance performance with Cassie Wang and Sophie Zagerman, 2018. Photo by Ian Byers Gamber.

This year’s exhibition featuring senior art majors Sara Arthur-Paratley, Olivia Campbell, Anabel Gomez, Sonia Grunwald, Chris Harding, Clark Hollenberg, Devon Horn, Michelle Qin, Kirsten Tingle, and Jessica Wang was fantastic! The evening began with DJs playing music in the courtyard with Lily’s Tacos across from them and then light refreshments, drinks, various snacks and boba by Milk and Honey, upstairs by the Salon. Friends, family, peers, faculty and staff spent the evening milling about the Studio Art Hall building complex viewing artworks in various spaces.

Some of the works were interactive and/or immersive such as Olivia Campbell’s work that requested feedback about her work and how it made the viewer feel via a snapchat group she set up. Anabel Gomez constructed and painted a mural sized corridor in the courtyard for visitors to walk through and be immersed by the vibrant colors and figures inspired by her Chicano heritage. Chris Harding created an immersive installation in a mostly enclosed cube painted all over with the color of mustard yellow that had sculptures resting on the ground or hanging from the ceiling and sound playing intermittently. Clark Hollenberg’s installation invited visitors to walk a labyrinth-like path reading poetic text written on the ground in charcoal, which ended in a pile of rocks sitting atop a flag, asserting nature over culture.

At 6pm performances in the gray space began with dances by Sara Arthur-Paratley and her collaborators Cassie Wang and Sophie Zagerman incorporating Sara’s soft sculptures. Following this was a mime performance by Kirsten Tingle. And, throughout the evening, Devon Horn’s mother, sisters, and friends wandered around wearing, or rather modeling, the fashion designs that Devon made specifically for each of them.

Pomona alumnus Ian Byers Gamber documented the evening’s events capturing visitors engaging with artists and their artworks. The range of mediums was wide and included acrylic painting, animated video, dance, designs with fabric - both 2D and 3D, installations, oil painting, performance, sculpture, a snapchat group, sound, watercolors, and video.