Junior Sara Arthur-Paratley discussing her artwork

Sara Arthur-Paratley discussing her works with Sandeep Mukherjee’s painting class.

This spring semester, the Junior art majors exhibited their works in shows titled FLOW and MAKING YOU. These shows were the product of students practicing hands-on installation techniques to display their work and collaborating to create promotional materials and prepare for show openings. Both shows featured a wide variety of pieces by talented emerging voices that presented strong themes of memory, body, abstraction, and the psyche. Whether through sculpture, painting, fabric, or performance, these students seized the opportunity to publicly share complex and thoughtful ideas to the wider Claremont public.

These shows were an opportunity for Juniors to showcase their work from class or to create completely new works that express personal themes. Through the exhibitions, these students were able to formulate their own artistic identity before the community. The overwhelming support these exhibitions received from fellow classmates, staff, and community members demonstrates promising potential for their future Senior year exhibitions.