Herman Garner Biological Preserve

The Herman Garner Biological Preserve is located in Evey Canyon in the nearby San Gabriel Mountains. The lower portion of Evey Canyon consists of an oak/alder riparian woodland plant community, which is becoming rare in southern California. The canyon sides are chaparral characterized by mountain lilac, laurel sumac, elderberry, chamise, buckwheat, and several sages. The upper portion of the canyon is more open and drier, and mid-elevation mixed forest species appear, including Canyon Live Oak, Bigcone Douglas-Fir, Big-Leaf Maple, California Bay, and Two-Petaled Ash. The preserve was extensively burned in the 2003 Williams fire and now demonstrates various stages of forest regeneration and rich populations of fire-specializing herbs. Evey Canyon's varied topography and vegetation combined with a permanent stream result in rich bird and insect diversity. Eighty-four bird species have been documented since 1980, and breeding has been confirmed for thirty-eight bird species.