Chemistry Faculty
Prof. Malkiat Johal
Malkiat Johal
Professor of Chemistry; Chair of Chemistry
(909) 607-4253
Mukesh Arora
Mukesh Arora
Visiting Associate Professor of Chemistry
Seaver North 25
(909) 607-9623
Nicholas Ball
Nicholas D. Ball
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Seaver North 206
(909) 607-0378
Prof. Roberto Garza-Lopez
(909) 621-8453
Prof. Frederick Grieman
Frederick J. Grieman
Roscoe Moss Professor of Chemistry; On leave Spring 2021
Seaver North 112
(909) 621-8450
Zhao Li
Zhao Li
Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Jane Liu
Jane M. Liu
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Seaver North 216
(909) 607-8832
Prof. Daniel O'Leary
Daniel J. O'Leary
Carnegie Professor of Chemistry
Seaver North 208
(909) 621-8444
Prof. Matthew Sazinsky
Matthew H. Sazinsky
Associate Professor of Chemistry; Faculty Advisor & Chair of Health Science Committee
Seaver North 214
(909) 607-1011
Prof. Cynthia Selassie
Cynthia Selassie
Blanche and Frank Seaver Professor of Science and Professor of Chemistry
Seaver North 210
(909) 621-8446
Prof. Charles Taylor
Charles J. Taylor
Associate Professor of Chemistry; On leave Fall 2020
Seaver North 204
(909) 607-4169
Chemistry Emeriti Faculty
Freeman Allen
Emeritus Professor of Chemistry
Alvin Beilby
Emeritus Professor of Chemistry
Wayne Steinmetz
Emeritus Professor of Chemistry
Chemistry Staff
Lauri Bell
Academic Coordinator of Chemistry
Seaver North 103
(909) 621-8448
(909) 621-8449
Joseph Beardslee
(909) 607-2235
Katy Muzikar
Katy A. Muzikar
Biochemistry Laboratory Coordinator
Seaver North 116
(909) 607-6856
Thomas Vasquez
Thomas Vasquez
Organic Laboratory Coordinator
Seaver North 118
(909) 607-8974
Daniel Wellman
General Chemistry Laboratory Coordinator
Seaver North 27
(909) 607-0918
Chemistry Student Liaisons
Bukuru Anaclet
Bukuru Anaclet ’21
Student Liaison, Chemistry Department

Bukuru Anaclet ’21 is a chemistry and math double major from Chicago, Illinois. Chemistry is one of his favorite topics and he loves talking all things chemistry. Some of his favorite topics include inorganic chemistry, material chemistry and computation chemistry. Outside of Seaver North, you can find Bukuru in Millikan or running around Claremont. Aside from that, Bukuru enjoys climbing and being outside, playing ultimate frisbee, running, and spending time with his friends. He is very excited to make chemistry a more inclusive and welcoming space for everyone this year. Please feel free to reach out to him if you ever want to talk chemistry, the department or any cool research!

Martín Acosta Parra
Martin Acosta Parra ’20
Student Liaison, Chemistry Department

Martin Acosta Parra ’20 is originally from the Mexican city of Guasave in northwest Sinaloa but grew up in California's Central Valley after his family immigrated to the U.S. in 2007. A transfer from Duke University, Martin has a sincere love and admiration for Pomona's chemistry department. He distinctly remembers sitting in the office of his general chemistry professor at Duke yearning for some guidance and being met instead with a man that could not wait for him to leave his office. Martin transferred to Pomona really only seeking research opportunities in medicinal chemistry but got that and so much more: a supportive research supervisor and faculty devoted to helping him reach his career and academic goals. He is excited to continue his work as a liaison and continue to make the department a more inclusive space for all chemistry enthusiasts. Apart from chemistry, Martin is a clarinetist in the Pomona College Orchestra and spends most of his time either working as a mentor for the QSC and chemistry department or supporting the undoc/DACA community on campus as an IDEAS head mentor. 

Sabrina Carneiro
Sabrina Carneiro ’21
Student Liaison, Chemistry Department

Sabrina Carneiro ’21 is a Chemistry major and a Mathematics minor pursuing the chemical engineering track at Pomona. Along with being a liaison for the department, she is a member of the Ball Group and is entering her third year working at the Pomona College Women’s Union.

Immacula Celestin
Immacula Celestin ’21
Student Liaison, Chemistry Department

Immacula is a junior from Brooklyn, New York. She is a chemistry major and is also on the Pre-Health track. When she isn’t in lab or green boxing from Frary, you can find her planning events with the Pomona Events Committee and being an OBSA and pre-Health mentor for first-years.

Love Chery
Love Chery ’20
Student Liaison, Chemistry Department

Love Chery ’20 is a Haitian-born fourth-year studying Chemistry and French. Love stays involved on campus as a QSC Partner for Biology and Chemistry, as well as a Student Manager for our Star47 Student Calling Program through the Alumni & Parent Engagement Office. When she’s not in the lab or taking her dog on long walks at Walker Beach, Love serves as the Senior Class President for the Class of 2020. In her free time, Love enjoys making puns, learning new instruments, and drinking tea with her suitemates.

Katrina Dank
Katrina Dank ’20
Student Liaison, Chemistry Department

Katrina is a current senior Chemistry major on the engineering track. Instead of participating in Pomona’s Chemistry thesis program, she is enrolled in Engineering Clinic at Harvey Mudd where she is working with a team to build a chemical distillation system for a local airplane safety equipment manufacturer. She is also a Biology minor with an unofficial concentration in Environmental Analysis. This past spring, she spent the semester delving into this passion for the environment on the Globalization, Environment, and Society program in Cape Town, South Africa. She is currently exploring international fellowship opportunities for her gap years before attending medical school to become a pediatrician. When not in the classroom, you can find her hurdling on the track, surfing at the beach, hiking in her Pacific-Northwest home, or catching a sunset at Mount Baldy. She is excited for her third and final year being part of the chemistry liaison team.

Rachel Hall
Rachel Hall ’22
Student Liaison, Chemistry Department

Rachel Hall ’22 is from Roswell, Georgia. She is a prospective Chemistry major, and a member of The Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company. She would love to eventually work in the fields of Cosmetic Chemistry or Dermatology. Rachel became a liaison to help first years find their way and have a better picture of what the chemistry department has to offer, especially when it comes to summer research. You can contact Rachel at

Kate Shimamoto
Kate Shimamoto ’22
Student Liaison, Chemistry Department

Kate Shimamoto ’22 is chemistry major from Chicago, Illinois (if you listen closely you can hear a slight accent). She is a student athlete on the track and field team, and runs the 400m and 800m. When she is not at practice or in lab, Kate loves playing the piano, hiking, and watching random documentaries in her free time. She is also incredibly passionate about space and could talk about black holes, the multiverse, and quantum theory for hours. After college, Kate hopes to go into medical research. If you ever would like to hear a few fun facts, especially chemistry related ones, she would love to talk!

Juste Simanauskaite
Juste Simanauskaite ’21
Student Liaison, Chemistry Department