Computer Science Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in CS51?

We set aside a fixed number of seats each semester for each class year (first years, sophomores, etc.). If the seats fill up for your class year, PERM the class and we will follow up with everyone on the PERM list with additional information. Critically, we also use PERMs as a way to keep track of who is interested in taking the class to prioritize enrollment for future semesters.  We prioritize Pomona students for enrollment in CS51.  Currently, given demand and capacity, that has meant that only Pomona students can take CS51.

What if CS51 is full, but I want/need to take it?

PERM the class. We may not have room this semester, but we prioritize people who have shown previous interest in the class in future semesters. The only way we can really keep track of this is through PERMs.

Can I skip CS51?

If you come to Pomona with previous CS experience, talk to the CS chair or the CS51 professor about where the best place to start would be.  If you did not have significant CS experience before Pomona, you must take CS51.

Can I major in CS?

Every year we graduate many, many CS graduates from Pomona.  However, CS is currently in strong demand and, given our limited resources, we cannot guarantee that everyone that wants to major in CS can. If you think you might be interested in majoring in CS, we strongly encourage you to start exploring CS during your first year.  Once you start taking CS courses, we work hard to try and make sure people who want to major continue to make progress towards the major.  We currently do not have capacity to support off-campus CS majors.

Can off-campus students take CS classes at Pomona?

If you are an off-campus student that has declared a CS major through HMC, we do reserve a small number of seats in our upper-division classes that are allocated through the pre-placement process each semester. For our intro classes, we prioritize Pomona students. Given demand and capacity this has effectively meant that only Pomona students can currently take our intro classes.