pomona geology crew
At the start of each academic year the Geology Department takes a multi-day trip to renew friendships, share stories from the summer, and indulge our love of geology.
Student geomining
Speaker: Christopher Kim, Chapman University Title: “Arsenic Transport, Speciation, and Bioaccessibility in Gold Mining Environments” Please join us: Tuesday, October 15th @ 11AM in Edmunds 130 Abstract: Gold and other...
Mayan structures in Mexico
Peter Douglas (’05), California Institute of Technology, will be presenting new data on interactions between the Maya and their environment gathered from the isotopic composition of plant wax biomarkers preserved in lake sediments.
Volcanic domes
Heather Wright, Cascade Volcano Observatory, will be speaking about the five holocene rhyolite domes that lie along the southern margin of the Salton Sea, California.
Map of mountain range
Anne Sheehan, University of Colorado, Boulder, will present recent results from a major passive and active source EarthScope Flexible Array seismological experiment in the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming.