During the senior year, guided by a faculty advisor, every geology major performs a year-long senior thesis research project. At the end of the year, each student presents their completed thesis research, often via a PowerPoint and/or poster presentation, and field questions from the audience in attendance.

Senior Thesis Guidelines [PDF]: a guide to our senior thesis process

2018-19 Senior Thesis Projects

  • Josh Anderson: “Using Deep Sea Corals to Understand Nutrient Distribution in the Deglacial Northwest Atlantic”
  • Kurt Crandall: “What can Petrocalcic Laminae tell us about Soil Processes and Paleoenvironments?”
  • D’Maia Curry: “Variation and Ontogenetic Change in the Humerus of Triceratops (Dinosauria: Ceratopsia)”
  • Nico De Toledo: “A Comparative Analysis of Beach Volume Change, Shoreline Change, and Back Beach Line Change using LiDAR Data to Quantify and Understand Patterns of Coastal Change in Front of the San Mateo Sandstone at San Onofre State Beach from 2002-2016”
  • Grace Hruska: “Titanite Ages and Cooling History of the Sierra Nevada Batholith”
  • Jessie McKenzie: “Don’t get Bogged Down by Low Production: A Survey of Wild Cranberry Bogs on Wampanoag Tribal Land in Aquinnah, MA”
  • Mudit Murarka: “An Exploration of Deep-Sea Scleractinian Corals as Archives of Oceanic Rare earth Element Abundances via Laser Ablation-Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry”

Alumni Thesis Index


  • Brian Donahue: "Precious and Base Metal Content of Sulfide Minerals in the Historic Mines of the Mineral King District, South-Central Sierra Nevada, CA"
  • Elizabeth Ellis: "Patterns and Intensity of Continental Weathering under the Early Cambrian Atmosphere: Geochemistry of a new Paleosol from Central Arizona"
  • Joshua Grail: "Assessing the Geochemical History of a Neoproterozoic Oolite through Rare Earth Element Analyses"
  • Fiona Käch: "Unearthing the Past: Concretions of the Jurassic Fernie Formation"
  • Zane MacFarlane: "Selenium and the Salton Sea: Biogeochemical Cycling and Microbial Reduction in a Shrinking Hypersaline Lake"
  • Trevor Pontifex: "Moving Mountains, Shifting Streams: Modelling Growth of the Mecca Hills, California"​
  • Supasiri "Mos" Rittiron: "Stable Carbon and Oxygen Isotopes in Soil Carbonates as Indicators of Paleoecology and Paleoclimate at Mormon Mesa, Nevada"


  • Erin Barry: "Understanding ground and surface water interactions along the Santa Ana River, CA"
  • Ben Carroll: "Tectonic Growth of the Mecca Hills from Fluvial and Alluvial Processes"
  • Sarah Granke: "Characterizing beaver-induced differences in stream geomorphology in a small upland stream, Huntingdon Wildlife Forest, Central Adirondacks, NY"
  • Iris Holzer: "Exploring water column chemistry in the Burgess Shale at Marble Canyon, British Columbia"
  • Alex Lombardo: "Lateral Variability in the Basinal Stephen Formation of Marble Canyon, Kootenay National Park, British Columbia"
  • Patcharaporn “Nam” Maneerat: "The Study of Correlation between Uplift, Erosion and Fault Slip Rates in the Mecca Hills"
  • Michael Wucher: "Mechanisms of Aqueous Nickel and Hydroxyapatite Reactivity"


  • Jack Albright: "Late-Stage Trachyte Dike Emplacement on Banks Peninsula, New Zealand: A Numerical Modeling Approach"
  • Annika Deurlington: "Identifying a Site to Drill a Third Groundwater Production Well for Pomona College"
  • Zoe Dilles: "Geochronological and Petrologic Constraints on Infrastructural Metamorphic Core Complex Deformation Within Winchell Lake Fold Nappe, E. Humboldt Range, Nevada"
  • Esme Faneuff: "Defining Development of Channelized Lava Flows of Krafla, Iceland"
  • Bryan Gee: "A New Metoposaur (Temnospondyli: Metoposauridae) From the Petrified Forest National Park, AZ, USA"
  • Mark Raftrey: "Low-Flux Magmatism in the Sierra Nevada Arc: A Record From Silici Magmas in the Goddard Pendant Volcanic Suite"
  • Dane Zielinski: "Petrographic and Geochemical Correlations in Ooid Microfabrics of the Johnnie Oolite, Death Valley, California"


  • Nicholas Browne, Pomona College, “Chemical Zoning in Sphene as a Recorder of Metamorphic Fluid Flow”
  • Joanmarie Del Vecchio, Pomona College, “Mechanisms for valley aggradation in Cow Canyon, eastern San Gabriel Mountains, CA”
  • Anne Fulton, Pomona College, “Insights into magma evolution in the islands of the four Mountains, Alaska”
  • Robert Goldman, Pomona College, “Assessing Volcanic Caldera Formation Using Elastic Finite Element Models”
  • Brytne Okuhata, Scripps College, “Utilizing hydrology and geomorphology relationships to estimate streamflow conditions on Maui and O‘ahu, Hawai‘i”
  • Gustavo Ruiz, Pomona College, “Alteration in the Grant Grove Pluton: Petrogenesis through geothermal modeling”


  • Jane Eisenberg, Scripps College, “Structure, Composition and Emplacement History of Orbicular Granites and Comb Layering, Sierra and Sequoia National Forests, CA”
  • Rachel Havranek, Pomona College, “Fluid Dynamics and Contact Metamorphism Using Scheelite in California”
  • Dulcie Head, Pomona College, “Investigating Oscillatory Chemical Variation and Birefringence of Garnet in Fluid-rich environments”
  • Kyle Metcalfe, Pomona College, “Microbial Liberation of Structurally-Coordinated Iron Clay Minerals and its Influence on Marine Biogeochemical Cycles”
  • Natasha Simpson, Pitzer College, “Geochemical Constraints on Continental weathering Fluxes Under Early Cambrian Atmospheric Conditions, Ogden, Utah and Bornholm, Denmark”
  • Alexa Zilberfarb, Scripps College, “Metamorphism of Cretaceous Sandstones by Natural Coal Fires, San Rafael Swell, Utah”


  • Lorelei Curtin, Pomona College, “New Stratigraphy, Geochronology, and Geochemistry from the Chickaloon Formation, South-Central Alaska: Implications for High-Latitude Climate Variability during the Paleocene-Eocene thermal Maximum”
  • Luke Ferguson, Pomona College, “An Analysis of the Olivine Basalt Member of the Powder River Volcanic Field, Grande Ronde Valley, Northeastern Oregon”
  • Laura Haynes, Pomona College, “Inter-Basinal Paleoclimate Records from Pleistocene Lake Bonneville Marl of the Tule and Bonneville Basins, UT”
  • James Muller, Pomona College, “The Malapai Hill Basalt: Joshua Tree National Park, California”/li>
  • Ben Murphy, Pomona College, “Soft Rocks in a Restless Caldera: The Long Valley Caldera-Fill Sediments”
  • Jean-Marc Trutna, Pitzer College, “Monitoring Carbon Sequestration Containment in Deep Saline Aquifers: Measuring Partition Coefficients for Trace Gases Krypton and SF6 for Otway, Australia and Cranfield, Mississippi Oilfields”


  • Shelley Chestler, Pomona College, “Using Numerical Modeling to Explore Intrusion Patterns on Fernandina Volcano, Galapagos”
  • Frank Giron, Pomona College, “Mapping Radiating Dike Swarms within the Navka Planitia,
    Carson, Nepthys Mons, and Lavinia Planitia Regions of Venus”
  • Adam Kinnard, Pomona College, “Oxygen Isotope Signatures of Ore Rocks at Strawberry Mine and Kearsarge Districts—Evaluating Shallow Hydrothermal Flow in the Sierran Arc”
  • Gabriel Romero, Pomona College, “Lower Crustal Melting in Cordilleran Batholiths: Insight from Metamorphic Garnet in the Cucamonga Terrane”
  • Callie Sendek, Scripps College, “Using structural analysis to assess possible formation
    mechanisms of the gneiss domes of the Harvey Cardiff Domain, eastern Ontario”


  • Cameron Windham, Livingston, MT, Pomona College, “Detailed mapping of graben-fissure systems within Beta-Alta-Themis, Venus. A chronology of the interface between mantle excursion and crust”
  • Logan Schumacher, Seattle, WA, Pomona College, “GIS paleo-topographic modeling volume constraint and secondary volume inputs of late Pleistocene age sector collapse, Volcan Baru, Panama”
  • Lara Hughes-Stinson, Dana Point, CA, Pitzer College, “Early Equid Astragali: A proxy for overall physiological responses to climate and environmental shifts during the Miocene Epoch in Barstow, CA”
  • Derek Schaible, Saint Paul, MN, Pomona College, “The Neogene rotational history of the Southern Central Transverse Ranges suggested by paleomagnetic study of the Glendora Volcanics”


  • Mark Torres, Pitzer College, “Paleoclimatic and Paleoenvironmental Interpretations of the Paleocene Goler Formation of Southern California”
  • Mark Williams, Pomona College, “Reconstruction of Pleistocene Long Valley Hydrothermal System using Silica Veins from Little Hot Creek Sinter, Long Valley California”
  • Max Willis, Harvey Mudd College, “The Relationship Between Normal Fault Ramps and the Distribution and Orientation of Secondary Failure Features”
  • John Mering, Pomona College, “Microfabric analysis at a Candidate Global Stratotype Section and Point outcrop of the Kaili Formation, South China”
  • Adam Curry, Pomona College, “Geochemical Investigation of the Red Cinder Peak Area of Makushin Volcano, Unalaska, AK”
  • Katherine Beeler, Pomona College, “Hydrothermally-driven Silica Cementation of Sandstones and Conglomerates, Long Valley Caldera, CA”


  • Hannah Dietterich Corvallis, OR, Pomona College, “The origin and alteration of metavolcanic rocks in the Saddlebag Lake pendant, Eastern Sierra Nevada”
  • Ryan Frazer, Hartland, VT, Pomona College, “Reexamining the Shaver Intrusive Suite using U-Pb Zircon Geochronology and GIS”
  • Rachel Haber, Scripps College, “Defining the Origin of Meridiani Planum, Mars”
  • Steven Hochman, Pomona College, “Assessment of the Black Lake Shear Zone as a Site of Elzevirian Suture, Adirondack Mountains, New York”
  • Amanda Klaus, Scripps College, “A 3D Seismic Velocity Model of the Las Vegas Basin”
  • Samuel Scott, “Microbial Reduction of Structurally Coordinated Iron in Common Clay Minerals”
  • Andrew Stocker, Claremont McKenna College, “Geochemistry of the Edwardsville Syenite in the Adirondack Lowlands, New York: Implications for Tectonomagmatic Processes in the Southern Grenville Province”
  • Megan Van Ness, Salem, OR, Pomona College, “Determining the intrusive and thermal history of the Grant Grove Granite pluton, Sierra Nevada batholith, California”
  • Sam Zipper, Edmonds, WA, Pomona College, “Exploring the role of suburban development and confined recharge on contaminant flow in an alluvial fan: A MODFLOW investigation of the Pomona Valley, California”


  • Lucas Allen-Williams, Pomona College, “Modeling Normal Faults Using Poly3D: Fault Geometry of the Cristianitos Fault, San Onofre, California”
  • Bradley Markle, Corvallis, OR, Pomona College, “The Occurrence and Climatic Implications of a Rapid Regression of Lake Elsinore, CA, During the Last Glacial Maximum”
  • Michael Toomey, “Reconciling the Effects of Hurricane Cyclicity on Fire Dynamics in Coastal Ecosystems Using the Sedimentary Record of Oyster Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts”
  • Hal Wershow, Seattle, WA, Pomona College, “Transpression-Induced Structural Deformation in the Southern Mecca Hills”


  • Randy Goossen, Harvey Mudd College, “Compositional Analysis of Soft Bodied Fossils from the Kaili and Doushantuo Formations of South China”
  • Debra Hurwitz, Pomona College, “The effect of edifice loading on the rupture characteristics of ellipsoidal magma reservoirs”
  • Brian Kastl, “Khangay Nuruu, Mongolia: Petrologic and Chemical Evidence for Magma Source Region and Potential Temporal Evolution”
  • Sylvan Long, “The effect of mechanically heterogeneous host rock layers on magma reservoir failure, host rock stress states, and surface deformation in a simple elastic model”
  • Emery L. Mitchem, “The Necessity and Application of Geologic Carbon Dioxide Storage”
  • Mara Schiro, “Stable Isotope Fractionation in the Middle Cambrian Wheeler Formation, House Range, Utah”


  • Seth Kadish, “Pedestal Crater Distribution Between 60°S and 60°N and Implications for a New Model of Formation”
  • Laura Kerber, “Minimum Age and Provenance of the Correlated Thomson and Rove Formations of Eastern Minnesota”
  • Michael Kittell, “Volumetric change in glacial ice from 1950 to 2005 at Palisades Glacier, Sierra Nevada Range, CA”
  • Rachel Stevens, “Analysis of Late Pleistocene Marls in the Tule Valley Subbasin of Lake Bonneville and Tracing Compositional Changes to Climate Variations 18-14.5ka.”
  • Rebecca Stillwell, “The appearance of axial plane cleavage in Precambrian rocks of the Northern Picuris Range, New Mexico”
  • Lisa Venechuk,“Types and trends of layered rock outcrops in the Arabia Terra, Mars: Implications for a wet Martian history”
  • Justin Wargelin, “Possible persistent body of water on Mars”


  • Peter Douglas, “The Tectonic Implications of the Stratigraphy and Petrology of the Black Marmot Valley, Kharkhiran Uul, Mongolia”
  • Nissa Morton, “Analysis of Unusually Fine-Grained Deposits on the Government Canyon Alluvial Fan Wrightwood, California”
  • Alice Waldron, “Geophysical Analyses of Cyclone Graben, Canyonlands National Park, Utah”


  • Erica D. Bylund, “Groundwater Fluctuations in the Pomona Basin from 1900 – 1985: Implications for Future Water Use”
  • Elizabeth A. G. Holley, “Pressure-Temperature Conditions of Metamorphism in Eclogites, Syros, Greece”
  • Phillip Kast, “New Evidence for Post-Cretaceous Faulting in Southeast Mongolia”
  • Nobu Koch, “Mapping of Kick’em Jenny and Kick’em Jack submarine volcanoes in the Lesser Antilles volcanic arc”
  • Danny Lazzareschi, “Fine-grained Felsic Enclaves in the Cumulate Granite Zone of the Aztec Wash Pluton, Nevada
  • Scott Pelletier, “A Phreatomagmatic Basaltic Dike, Langadalsfjall, Iceland: Description and Cooling History”


  • Madalyn Blondes, “Gakkel Ridge spinel peridotites: A geochemical analysis of the slowest spreading mid-ocean ridge on Earth”
  • Adam Myers, “Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction of Holocene Lake Inchiquin, Western Ireland, Using Grain Size, Loss-on-Ignition, and Diatom Analyses”
  • Anjani T. Polit, “Possible Origin of Reull Vallis, Mars: A Closed Highland Basin?”


  • Max Berkelhammer, “A Comparative Pedologic Analysis of Evey and Buford Canyons as an Indicator of the Predominant Soil Forming Factors on the North and South Flanks of the San Gabriel Mountains, Southern California”
  • Ari H. Berland, “On freshwater S2 ice in the upper ductile regime”
  • Nina L. Carranco, “Depositional Environment Analysis of Plant Bearing Fossil Layers in the Blackhawk Formation, Utah”
  • Jesse Huff Christensen, “Development of Anthropogenic & Agricultural Soil Systems: A case study of the Pomona College Farm & its surrounding environment
  • Andrew Gordon, “Analysis and Interpretation of Macrorhythmic Units of Gabbro-Diorite Interlayering at Arey Neck, Vinalhaven Island, Maine”
  • Alex Little, “Origin and Composition of the San Mateo Sandstone, San Onofre, California”
  • Zach Miller, “Quaternary Incision of the Arkansas River, Colorado”
  • Sven Moller, “Silica and Nitrate Retention and Replenishment in Artificial Pond Systems in Upstate South Carolina”
  • Daniel Jones Morgan, “Latitudinal Variation of Ground Ice Indicators in the Arrhenius Region, Mars: Inferences from the Morphology of Impact Craters”
  • Emily Samiljan, “Geoscience Education and Native American Worldviews: An Exploration in Pedagogical Synthesis”
  • Daniel S. Tan, “Characterization of Ridged Plains Materials, North of Arrhenius Region, Mars”
  • Noah Westgate, “Geochemical Exchanges Across Magmatic Interaction Boundaries within the Vinalhaven Island Pluton, Maine”


  • Laura Flores Bauleke, “The Development of Deformation Bands in the San Mateo Sandstone in relation to the Cristianitos Fault, San Onofre, CA”
  • Matthew Bullock, “Geology and Geomorphology of Tulik Creek, Umnak Island, Alaska”
  • Elizabeth John, “Cyclostratigraphic Analysis of the Cherty Lithofacies, Altamira Shale, Palos Verdes, California”
  • Lane Johnson, “Investigation of 1953 Lunar Transient Phenomenon, Clementine Reveals a Crater”
  • Garrett F Miller, “The Popcorn of Spider Cave: Past and Present”
  • Benjamin Mirus, “Suspended Sediment Load in Proglacial Meltwater Systems of the Mendenhall, Herbert and Eagle Glaciers, Southeastern Alaska”
  • Jeffrey Parker, “Late Pleistocene tufa near Cottonwood Spring, Joshua Tree National Park”
  • Alexandria Plank, “Air Circulation Mechanisms in Carlsbad Caverns National Park, Carlsbad, New Mexico”
  • Yael Proskurowski, “A Paleoenvironmental analysis of in situ fossil tree trunks from the Cretaceous Lower Kirtland Formation, San Juan Basin, New Mexico”
  • John Singleton, “Kinematics and Structural History of Brittle Deformation along the Coast Steep Zone near Prince Rupert, British Columbia”
  • Andrea K. Stanley, “A Detailed Sedimentary Analysis of the Middle Part of the Grinnell Formation, near Going-to-the-Sun Mountain, Glacial National Park, Montana”
  • Sean Williams, “Characterization of the 2050 Year Old Ignimbrite, Okmok Caldera, Alaska”


  • Bethany Bradley, “A New Mapping Perspective: Using Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) Data to Remap Unit Boundaries and Stratigraphy of the Meusae Fossae Formation South of Elysium Basin”
  • Mathew Campbell, “The Geology of a Subduction Zone Volcano: Okmok Caldera, Umnak Island, Alaska”
  • Andrew M. Hite, “Width to Height Ratios for Barchan Dunes on Mars”
  • Jessica Jager, “Using Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility to Determine the Source of the Lower Bonanza Tuff, Colorado”
  • Miriam Krause, “Analysis of Hellas Rim Geologic Units Using Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter Data”
  • Susan Nielsen, “The Water of the Pomona Valley Protective Association: A Multi-Variable Study”
  • Matt Paxson, “Coastal Erosion and Land Use Problems on Galveston Island”
  • Jason “Rusty” Perry, “Origin and Development of Lava Tubes”
  • Joel Pliskin, “Making the Transition from Internal Combustion Engine to Fuel Cell: A look at the projected impact of diminishing fossil fuel supplies and emission regulations on the automobile industry”
  • Philip Skemer, “Characterization and Tectonometamorphic History of Ophiolitic Knockers and Ultamafic Matrix in a Cycladic Melange Unit, Syros, Greece”
  • Mary (Amy) Vithayathil, “Antigorite Dehydration and its Implications for Intermediate Depth Earthquakes”


  • John Bershaw, “Character of a Columnar Jointed Erosional Remnant, Crawfish Lake Quadrangle, Oregon”
  • Jamie Elkins, “Water Chemistry of the Colorado River, North and South of Topock Gorge”
  • Nathaniel Gilbert, “Structural Geology of the Crawfish Lake Quadrangle, Elkhorn Mountains, Oregon”
  • Heidi Glasser, “A Discussion of the Proposed Low-Level Radioactive Waste Site in Ward Valley, California”
  • Alexandra Krull, “Fault Kinematics in the MalPais Sandstones of the Peninsula de Nicoya, Costa Rica”
  • Kyle McClure, “The Crawfish Lake Volcanics”
  • Adam Nealey, “Tectonics and Volcanism of Italy”
  • Heidi Reeg, “Structural Variations in Deformed Serpentinites from Sand Dollar Beach, Monterey County, California”
  • Bob Rees, “Biomarkers in Petroleum Generation and Exploration”


  • Caroline Harris, “Geochemistry of Metamorphosed Mafic Dikes, Tobacco Root Mountains, Montana”
  • Karen Jager, “An Unusual Lava Flow in the Carson Quadrangle, Venus”
  • Bradley J. Thomson, “The Thickness of Mare Basalts in Imbrium Basin”


  • Alexis Beard, “Using Geosciences as a Vehicle for Science Literacy”
  • Nathaniel Bush, “Three Original Thoughts on Iceland Volcanism”
  • Karen Franz, “The Effects of Human Use and Development on Land; Sheep Creek Placer No. 3: A Case Study”
  • Andrea Gessford, “Late Quaternary Mammal Fauna of Sink Cave Calaveras County, California”
  • Brian Lehnerz, “Origin of Rollovers and Monolines in the Koae Fault Zone, Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii”


  • Evan Bilstrom, “Landsliding in the Klamath River Gorge”
  • Brian Cross, “Landsliding in the Klamath River Gorge”
  • Christian Curtis, “Looking for a cryptochron: High Resolution Magnetostratigraphy of 15R, 15N, and 16N in Calcareous Marls near Eocene-Oligocene Boundary at Contessa and Massignano quarries in Italy’s Umbria-Marche Region”
  • Stephanie Fisk, “Geochemical Characterization and Grain Size Analysis of Late Eocene Volcaniclastic Horizons in the Northeastern Apennines”
  • Darren Gravley, “Geology and Petrology of the Topsy Grande-Grenada Butte Corridor, Klamath River Gorge, Southern Oregon”
  • Jillian Hirst, “Mineralogy, Petrology, and Geothermobarometry of Aluminous Archean Rocks in the Spuhler Peak Metamorphic Suite of the Tobacco Root Mountains, Southwestern Montana”
  • Victor Kormeier, “Landsliding in the Klamath River Gorge”


  • Robert H. Christman III, “Landslide Topography in the Klamath River Gorge Near the Oregon-California Border”
  • Jennifer Hango, “Magma Mixing in the Cortlandt Complex: the Genesis of a Norite”
  • Arwen Harris, “A Petrographic Study of a Precambrian Metabasalt, Laramie Country, Wyoming”
  • David Saltzer, “Volcanology of the Eastern Volcanic Belt in Kamchatcha, Russia”
  • Sheetal Singh, “A Determination of Hydraulic Conductivity from Geophysical Borehole Analysis”
  • Rachel Sours-Page, “Petrology and Geochemistry of Miocene-Holocene Volcanics Near Mt. McLoughlin in High Cascades of Southern Oregon”


  • David Gianni, “Waters of Destruction, Lavas of Construction: The Geologic History of the Wailuku River, Hawaii”
  • Ann Johnson, “Gravity Survey and Structural Interpretation Across the Blue Ridge Front Near Buena Vista, Virginia”
  • Alan Kaufmann, “Waters of Destruction, Lavas of Construction: The Geologic History of the Wailuku River, Hawaii”
  • Brannon Ketchum, “Magnetic Mapping of Precambrian Greenstones in the Blue Ridge Mountains Near Buena Vista, Virginia”
  • Sarah (Avon) Russell, “Ventilation of the Subtropical Gyre of the South Atlantic”
  • Geoff Siemering, “Modeling the Factors Affecting Cadmium Binding to Dissolved Organic Matter”
  • Giselle Bei Ow Yang, “Submarine Hydrothermal Vents: Precipitation and Redissolution of the Chloride Anion”


  • LeAndra Archuleta, “Mineralogy, Petrology, and Geochemistry, including Geothermobarometry, of an Aluminous Enclave Rock and Host Rocks Within the Spuhler Peak Formation, Tobacco Root Mountains, Southwestern Montana”
  • Matt Cunningham, “Seasonal Influences Upon Icehouse Canyon Steam Chemistry”
  • Matt Fouch, “Theomat Surveying Methodology and a Strain Analysis at Devil’s Throat, Hawaii”
  • Josh Ishimatsu, “A Paleomagnetic and Magnetostratigraphic Study of Deep Sea Sediments Drilled off the Southern Kerguelen Plateau, ODP Leg 119, Site 745, Hole B”
  • Amy Oilman, “Analyzing Storm Water Runoff at Recycling Plants”
  • Peter Ora, “Geology of the Southeastern Flank of Pelican Butte Volcano, Western Klamath Basin, Oregon”
  • Elise Parkin, “Rancho La Brea: An Overview”


  • Parke Ballantine, “A Chemical and Petrological Study of the Ancient Hydrothermal Systems of the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus”
  • Elizabeth Helen (Lisa) Marlies, “A Petrological and Geochemical Study of the Southeastern Flank of Mt. McLoughlin, Cascade Range, Southern Oregon”


  • Amy Berger, “A Comparative Study of Modern & Pleistocene Environments of Coralline Algae on San Salvador Island, Bahamas”


  • Aleta B. Finnila, “Garnet Producing Reactions Along the Garnet Isograd in Southeastern Vermont”
  • Steven McKnight, “Sedimentology and Diagenesis of the El Desestre Unit, Los Banos Formation (Upper Miocene) on El Jamon Ridge, Fortuna Basin, Spain”


  • Libby Stern, “The Nature of the Albite Porphyroblasts in Hoosac Schist, Chester Dome, Southeastern Vermont”
  • Lora Stevens, “Fracture Analysis of Archean Rocks Along the Pipestone Trace of the Burnside Lake Fault Zone”
  • Rebekah Ann Westrup, “Hydrothermal Alteration and Suite Formation in the Black Hill Region of the Big Maria Mountains, Southeastern California”
  • Melissa Wilson, “The Structure and Petrology of an Outcrop of Orocopia Schist”


  • Cara Davis, “Petrology of Metamorphosed Calc-silicate Rocks from Cascade Canyon, San Gabriel Mountains”


  • Peter P. Christiansen, “Miocene Geology of the Stepladder Mountains, San Bernardino County, CA”
  • John Howell, “Lunar Mass Concentrations”
  • Kevin T. Lyons, “Petrology of Parts of the Soquel Member of the Puente Formation, Elephant Hill Area, California”
  • Daniel B. Perry, “Motion on the San Gabriel Fault, East Fork San Gabriel River”
  • John-Mark Staude, “Lower Crustal Xenoliths from a Mixed Magma Dike, Piute Mountains, Southeastern California”


  • Michael S. Hall, “The Geology of the Bonanza Spring Area, Danby Quadrangle, California”
  • Sharon E. Wechsler, “A Detailed Analysis of a Tertiary Volcanic Conglomerate in the Bonanza Spring Area, Danby Quadrangle, California”


  • Bill Azeredo, “The Channels and Valleys of Mars: A Study of the Most Recent Works on Their Origin”
  • David Bloom, “Determination of Seismic Risk on the Whittier Fault, California”
  • Thomas E. Cyr, “The Terminal Cretaceous Mass Extinction”
  • Colin L. Driscoll, “Computer Generated Simulation of Solute Transport: Prediction of Residence Time of Dibromo-Chloro-Propane in Fresno Area”
  • Christian A. Mastor, “Modal Analysis of Shadow Mountain Pluton by X-Ray Diffraction”
  • David McLean, “Structural Geology of the Northern Shadow Mountains, San Bernardino County, California”
  • P.F. Nelson, “The Geology of a Shoreline: An Intimate Look at Southern California’s Coast and Beaches”
  • Stephen P. Swope, “Late Cenozoic Carbonate Veins of the Northeastern Puente Hills, Eastern L.A. County, California”


  • Chuck Barlow, “A New Analysis of an Old Concept: Continental Accretion”
  • Jeff Jones, “Trace Element Analysis of Three Miocene Tholeitic Coastal Basalts from Oregon and Washington”
  • Joe Stagg, “A Comparison of Sespe Formation Clasts from the Santa Monica Mountains with Cajalco Tourmaline: Their Significance Pertaining to the Origin of the Santa Monica Mountains Strata”


  • David Mohrig, “Stratigraphic Investigation of a Series of Pyroclastic Rocks”
  • Moira Smith, “A Study of Some Carbonate Concretions in Miocene Topanga Formation, Santa Ana Mountains, California”
  • Ann E. Sturdivant, “A Petrographic and Field Study of a Unique Gabbroic Intrusion, Vicinity of Day Canyon, Eastern San Gabriel Mountains, California”
  • Dough Yule, “A Sedimentological Investigation of Turbidity Current Deposition Soquel Member, Puente Formation, Carbon Canyon, Chino Hills, California”


  • Carol D. Buchanan, “Petrologic and Geochemical Analysis of Precambrian (?) Gneiss, San Antonio Canyon”
  • Spencer J. Harris, “Geology of Evey Canyon”
  • LiLi Mezger, “Tectonic Implications of the Quaternary History of Lower Lytle Creek, Southeastern San Gabriel Mountains”
  • Francis W. Robinson, “A Detailed Study of the Subsurface Relationship Between the San Andreas Formation, Artesia Group, and Alluvium, Roswell Artesian Basin, New Mexico”
  • Eleanor Snow, “The Geology of Black Mountain near Stevens Creek, California”
  • Denise Toombs, “Aggregate as an Exhaustible Resource in Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino Counties”


  • Susan A. Castle, “Vertical Deformation in the Greater Death Valley Region in Historic Time”
  • Steven C. Clemens, “Heavy Mineral Analysis of a Granitic Intrusive in the Chuckawalla Mountains of Southern California”
  • Darren C. Elsby, “A Structural and Geological Analysis of the Harper Hills, San Bernardino County, California”
  • Pamela Joan Hale, “Geology of the Coachella Valley, Including Garnet Hill”
  • Margaret J. Kark, “A Petrographic Study of ‘Punchbowl’ Unit 2”
  • Graham Mathews, “Channel Morphology of the Big Sur River”
  • Lorraine Schnabel, “Analysis of the Elephant Hill Volcanics, L.A. County, CA”
  • Scott Harland Stevens, “A Petrographic and Geochemical Study of the Sulawesi Ophiolite, Indonesia”
  • Laurel K. Vedder, “An Investigation of the Coastal Volcanic Intrusions North of Laguna Beach, California”


  • Garry Hayes, “The Geology of the Calico Mountains Near Barstow, California”
  • Eileen McConnell, “Sediment Analysis of Puddingstone and San Dimas Reservoirs, L.A. County”


  • Rachel Epstein, “Petrology of Titanomagnetite Bodies in the Anorthosite Massif of the Western San Gabriel Mountains”
  • John Estrem, “Geothermal Exploration”
  • M. Jorgensen, “Geological Applications of the Poisson Process (Part A)”, “Geological Applications of the Poisson Process (Part B)”
  • Annabelle Lee, “A Study of the Mineral Composition and Physical Properties of some Sandstones from the Soquel Member of the Puente Formation”
  • Sorena Svea Sorenson, “Petrology of the San Onofre Breccia ‘Megaclasts’, San Onofre Mountain, California”, “Pediform Chromite Deposits in the Alpine-type Peridotites of the Klamath and Coast Ranges of Northern California: A Study in Metallogeny and Global Tectonics”
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