Mathematics and Statistics Senior Theses

Mathematics Senior Theses


Senior Advisor Topic
Jordy Gertner Gizem Karaali Semiotics of graph theory: a look at diagrams
Tim Wesley Shahriar Shahriari Boolean lattices and the Füredi conjecture
Elena Kim Stephan Garcia & Konrad Aguilar Equivalence constants for generalized Frobenius norms
Ethan Ong Vin de Silva Clustering and spanning trees
Gabriel Udell Stephan Garcia Distribution of factorization lengths in numerical semigroups IV
Giovanni Ferro Maryann Hohn Two equations, one entropy
Marcel Alfonso Garcia Gabe Chandler Network graphs
Emma Godfrey Jo Hardin Non-parametric alternatives to propensity score estimation
Isabel (Izzy) Wiesenthal Ami Radunskaya Eliminating acoustic feedback in hear aids
Alexa Bayangos Vin de Silva Spectral graph theory: applications to music theory
Renae Tamura Ayo Adeniran Parking functions, trees, and search algorithms
Gigi Voss Ami Radunskaya Modeling subsidence due to groundwater extraction: percolation theory applications
Ivy Yuan Maryann Hohn Clustering algorithms: k-means and particle swarm optimization
Nate Pappalardo Ghassan Sarkis Characterizing brown carbon with machine learning
Brandon Tran Gabe Chandler Automatic smoothing for estimation of response surfaces in high dimensions
Rafael Martínez-Avial Adolfo Rumbos The geometry of spacetime
Sireesh Vinnakota Edray Goins Triangulations of non-orientable surfaces
Ethan Ashby Jo Hardin Extracting hitherto unseen variant signals from the cancer genome using data de-sparsification strategies
Simone Yang Ghassan Sarkis Modeling 3D curved surfaces in architectural modeling software
Boyuan (Jack) Chen Ami Radunskaya A survey on rendering functions for view synthesis
Mikaela Nishida Edray Goins Algebraic statistics


Senior Advisor Topic
Bharath Kodungudi Edray Goins​  Group Theory of Rubik’s Polyhedra
Adam Rees Gabriel Chandler   Gaussian Process Regression in the NBA
Michelle Li Ghassan Sarkis

So You Think You GAN Dance:

Synthetic dance video generation using deep learning

Connor Ford Vin de Silva Synchronized Swimming: Circular Motion with the Vicsek Model
Zakiya Jones Shahriar Shahriari Parking Functions
Nolan McCafferty Jo Hardin Style Transfer with Neural Networks
Amy Watt Jo Hardin The Expectation-Maximization Algorithm for RNA-Sequencing Alignment 
Seena Huang Gabriel Chandler Audio Language Classification  
Lindsey Tam Blerta Shtylla Biological Applications of the Kalman Filter  
Danny Rosen Vin de Silva An Investigation of Human Knots and Links
Jordan Huard Gizem Karaali Algorithmically Generating Harmonic Progressions for a "New" Bebop Standard
Ben Moats​ Edray Goins Visualizations of Hyperbolic Geometry
Rachel Yang Shahriar Shahriari Combinatorial Search and Vapnik–Chervonenkis Dimension
Helen Lan Jo Hardin Multiple Comparison Test: Controlling False Positives  
Gillian Meyer Adolfo Rumbos Game Theoretical Models for Gun Control Policy
Desiree Koontz​ Ami Radunskaya Statistical Models with Differential Equations
Isys Johnson Edray Goins Action Recognition of Highly Dynamic Videos using Time Series Classification
Huey Sun Ghassan Sarkis The Limits of Transfer Learning
Corina Oroz Blerta Shtylla & CGU Clinic Using Support Vector Machines to Predict Atomic Scale Fracture in Silica-Based Glasses
Jack Hanley​ Gabriel Chandler Applying Multivariate Functional Principal Component Analysis to Baseball Swing Data  
Preet Khowaja Shahriar Shahriari The Art Gallery Problem and Variations
Helen Guo Maryann Hohn​ Diffusion on Dynamic Networks
Anil Cengiz Adolfo Rumbos Pattern Formation in Reaction-Diffusion Systems
Ahlbie Squire​ Stephan Garcia The Collatz Conjecture and Other Mysteries
Colin McCalla Edray Goins Mastering 2D Video Games with Neural Networks  
Will Abele Gizem Karaali Determining Causality: An Instrumental Approach
Cecelia Sanborn​ Gabriel Chandler Finding Holes in High Dimensional Data
Gabriel da Motta Joseph Osborn Optimizing Graphs: Techniques for Improving Algorithmic Performance
Elise Koskelo​ Ami Radunskaya​ Stochastic Resonance of Quantized Systems
Thomas Anastos​ Weiqing Gu Comovement: Capturing Systematic Alpha
Ezequiel Estrada Ami Radunskaya   Math and Identity: Narratives
Dominic Mensah Adolfo Rumbos​

Minimum Cost Spanning Tree Games:

Application of Cooperative Game Theory

Riley Fang​ Vin de Silva

Improving the Sudoku Solver:

Assisted Backtracking and the Unsolved Question

Nate Stringham​ Mike Izbicki​ Learning Word Embeddings for a Latin Corpus
Liam O'Shea Stephan Garcia The Eigenvalues of Cayley Digraphs Associated to Heisenberg Groups
Sofia Buzeti Ami Radunskaya Predicting Dynamic Network Core Stabilizations
Cristal Quiñones​ Shahriar Shahriari When Ring Theory Meets Graph Theory: Zero Divisors and Their Graphs
Fernando Barceló​ Jorge Moreno The Mass Distribution of the First Stars
Gustavo Galo​ Blerta Shtylla Using mathematical modeling to find optimal drug combinations
Ira Norton-Westbrook Stephan Garcia Sets to Numbers: A Journey in Axiomatic Set Theory
Zach Senator Jo Hardin Random Forests and Beyond  
Sophie Richards Ami Radunskaya Modeling Overdose Prevention Sites in Philadelphia
Bella Senturia​ Gizem Karaali Towards a New Characterization of the Weak Order
Dillon Jacob Adolfo Rumbos Modeling Event Data in Association Soccer
Jasmine David Adolfo Rumbos Age-Structured Epidemic Models of Infectious Disease
Sarah Bashir Vin de Silva Classifying handwritten Arabic using machine learning
Tenny Liu Ghassan Sarkis Topic-based Twitter user categorization with Latent Dirichlet Allocation
Angela Tran Adolfo Rumbos Inefficiency of the Financial Markets during COVID-19: Estimating Hurst Exponents using Fractional Brownian Motion, Ito Calculus, and Spectral Analysis


Seniors Advisor Topic
Shivang Mehta Ami Radunskaya (Machine) Learning to Target
Vedant Vohra   Jo Hardin   Analyzing experiments: Can we determine if a new treatment benefits the many or the few?
Harry Bendekgey Joseph Osborn Learning Player Strategies in the Board Game Dominion
Aurora Zhang Ghassan Sarkis Modeling Pedestrian Flow through LAX with Simulated Queues
Eric Gofen Gizem Karaali (Re)humanizing Math Education
Peter Cowal Vin de Silva/Joti Rockwell Composing Mathematically
Dana Wang Blerta Shtylla Convolutional Neural Networks and Their Application in Biological Image Segmentation
Jacob Fontana Gabe Chandler Coupled Continuous Time Random Walks
Siddhartha Aggarwal Ghassan Sarkis Modelling foot traffic flow at LAX using Neural Networks
Matthew Patterson Stephan Garcia Constructing Conjugations by Unitary Extension
Frances Hung Jo Hardin Optimizing Experimental Design
Alex Xiaotong Gui   Jo Hardin    Prediction Confidence in Classification Random Forests

Matthew Reale-Hatem

Ami Radunskaya Geostatistical Analysis of Arts Activity in Los Angeles
Gbeke Fawehinmi                    Edray Goins  Mathematics in Media
Eisen Ipac                         Kim Ayers Population Dynamics and Modeling Criminal Activity
Tai Le            Mark Huber  The Sample Size Determination Problem: A Comparison of Approaches
Sophia Hui           Gizem Karaali Leveraging Mistakes in the Math Classroom
Gianna Wu          Lisette de Pillis  Mathematical Modeling for Type 1 Diabetes
Brian Lorenz        Stephan Garcia  Bounding the Power Moments of Gaussian Periods
Kutay Nazli           Adolfo Rumbos  Closed-Form Solutions of Non-Linear PDEs: Bäcklund Transforms and Superposition
Allison Kirkegaard             Gabe Chandler  Modeling Educational Outcomes over Time
Victor Machado                       Edray Goins   Finite Fields and the Discrete Log Problem
Jack Conner               Blerta Shtylla Simulating Neuronal Networks for Prediction
Hyeong Shin        Ghassan Sarkis  Modeling Pedestrian Flow through LAX with Simulated Queues
Ricardo Espinoza               Ami Radunskaya  Modeling the Impact of Cultural Vibrancy on Societal Well-Being Factors
Oscar Galindo            William Devanny   Analyzing the Minimum Cost Perfect Matching with Delays Problem
Jose Munoz-Lopez            Stephan Garcia  Constructions for Avoiding Prime Length Arithmetic Progressions
Justin Weltz                     Jo Hardin  Over-Policing and Fair Machine Learning
Yanai Feldman      Gizem Karaali    Mathematical (Fundamental)ism: Set Theory meets Category Theory
Andrew Brown   Gabe Chandler Directional Data in Baseball
Kenneth Dennie                 Stephan Garcia Rubik's Cubes
Muhammad Chaudhry         Edray Goins    Mathematical Games on Symmetric Solids
Zihao Xu                 Alexandra Papoutsaki Eye-tracking Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Sylvia Nwakanma                  Gizem Karaali  Reading with Pictures, Picturing with Words:Probabilistic Topic Modeling of Text and Image
Nina Thiebaut            HMC Clinic    Acoustics for Immersive Mixed Reality
Israel Teru            Ghassan Sarkis  Modeling Foot Traffic at LAX
Lucero Ramirez  Ami Radunskaya  Gaming the City: a game theoretic model using cultural vibrancy
Neelesh Karody                 Adolfo Rumbos  Higher Order Beliefs in Coordination Games
Janie Neal             Ami Radunskaya  Community Detection in Complex Networks
Minh Quan Do    Ghassan Sarkis  Modelling Foot Traffic Flow at LAX Using Artificial Neural Network
Bradley Druzinsky              Adolfo Rumbos The Kelly-Criterion
Melissa Hooke    Gabe Chandler  Modeling Spacecraft Safe Mode Events
Victor de Fontnouvelle Vin de Silva Exploring methods of high-dimensional data analysis


Seniors Advisor Topic
Duncan Skerrett Omayra Ortega Modeling Malaria: The Deterministic Approach
Peter Xenopoulos Jo Hardin Feature Selection for Class Imbalance
Bryce Rogan Omayra Ortega Learning to Fail: Predicting Brittle Fracture Evolution
Ho Bin Kim Adolfo Rumbos Modeling Tumor Growth in Breast Cancer Patients
Robin Pollak Vin de Silva Topological Models for Concurrent Programming
Adam Starr Vin de Silva Fair Voting
Kayla Cummings Susan Martonosi Operation Research to Model Government Influence on Vaccine Prices
Errol Francis Robin Wilson Black In Math: A Critical Analysis of the Pomona College Math Department through the Black Male Lens
Alan Peral Ortiz Shahriar Shahriari Locating Parks with a Multiobjective Optimization Method
Alex Hof Shahriar Shahriari Chain Partitions of the Boolean Lattice
Soren Aletheia-Zomlefer Stephan Garcia The Bateman-Horn Conjecture
Chenxiao Song Mark Huber Strong Stationary Stopping Time of Random Walks
Campbell Queen Ghassan Sarkis The Fibonacci Sequence Modulo M
Siddarth Kannan Dagan Karp Intersection theory on moduli spaces of weighted stable curves via tropical geometry
Adam Staplemann Mark Huber The CPRAR algorithm
Chris Donnay Stephan Garcia On the Density of Quotient Sets Generated by Binary Quadratic Forms in the p-adics
Jason Twohy Ellie Dannenberg Generating Sets for the Mapping Class Group Mod(S)
Derek Huang Vin de Silva When Number Theory Meets Combinatorics
Yu Xuan Hong Vin de Silva Invariant Measures on Convex Sets: On Minkowski Sums and Mixed Volumes
Yiqi Zhao Blerta Shtylla How Mutation Order Affects Cancer
Max Schwarzer CGU Clinic Learning to Fail: Predicting Fracturing in Brittle Materials with Deep Learning
Adam Hinthorne Gabe Chandler Missing Data in NCAA Division III Baseball
Kalyan Chadalavada HMC Clinic Partial Least Squares Regressions: Football Projection Model
Cade Hulse HMC Clinic Operations Research & Supply Chain Management
Jacob Gomez Gizem Karaali Ethnomathematics: Rethinking critical pedagogies for mathematics education
Grant Belsterling HMC Clinic Time Series
Amina Abdu Adolfo Rumbos Optimal Transport Theory for Equilibrium Selection in Discrete Games
Edwin Villafane Hernandez Blake Hunter Detecting Communities Through Cultural Analytics and Multilayered Networks
Samuel Yih Stephan Garcia Factorization Length Distribution in Numerical Semigroups
Evan Schechter Asuman Aksoy Banach Spaces and Bernstein Pairs
Vanessa Machuca Ami Radunskaya Age-Structured Modeling of Antarctic Fish Populations
Claire Fan Ami Rad/Blerta Shtylla Modeling Sociality in Nephila clavipes Spider
Tiannan Du Allon Percus Word Embedding and Its Applications
Jeffrey Carney HMC Clinic Optical Character Recognition with Neural Networks
Yufeng Hu Omayra Ortega Epidemiological Compartment Models of Malaria
Ashley Simons Talithia Williams Topic Modeling the New York Times: A New Look at World War II
Jacob Shore Gabe Chandler Modeling Westward Expansion through Filaments
Ben Gregory Kim Ayers Symbolic Dynamics of Smale's Horseshoe
Gillian Desmond Vin de Silva Error-Correcting Codes: Hidden Geometry
Madhura Jayaraman William Devanny Monster Packing Theorem
Austin Wei Vin de Silva Recurrence and Combinatorial Number Theory
Andi Chen Vin de Silva Impartial Gamers’ Guide to Winning
Nurullah Goren Gizem Karaali Quantitative Literacy in Context: Insights from Textbook Analysis
Nicholas Vucovich Ami Radunskaya Modeling Warfare
Nick Azar Omayra Ortega Methods of Malaria Modeling - Stochastic Processes
Chris Barnes Jo Hardin Neural Style Transfer
Paul Westcott Adolfo Rumbos Optimization of Common Pool Resource Games Using Control Theory
Erin Angelini Blerta Shtylla An Energy-Based Model of Mitotic Spindle Alignment
Ethan Matlin Ami Rad/Blerta Shtylla The Social Spider: An Agent-based Model for Clustering Behavior
Luis Espino Jo Hardin Racism without a Face: Predictive Statistics in the Criminal Justice System
Chaitanya Fatehpuria Angelo De Pace Modeling the Dynamic Conditional Correlation between India and United States Stock Markets with Multivariate GARCH models
James Kinney Gabe Chandler Boosting in the Context of a New Regression Algorithm
Neel Adhiraj Kumar Vin de Silva Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence for 2048
Amy Oden Shahriar Shahriari Evaluating Efficiency with Data Envelopment Analysis
Timothy Woods II Ami Rad/Blerta Shtylla Modeling Spider Behavior: An investigation of Spider Clustering
Noah Keshner Gabe Chandler From Training to Test: A Way to Characterize Expected Performance on Future Data
Shreyas Kadaba HMC Clinic Methods for Optimizing Supply Chain Management
Kadija Yilla Ami Radunskaya Analyzing Cascades in Social Networks
Kashvi Tibrewal Jo Hardin Learning from Loss Functions: An Alternative Approach to Classification


Eric Campbell – Infiniteness and Linear Temporal Logic Soundness, Completeness & Decidability
(Supervisor: Greenberg)

Alejandra Castillo – Manifold Learning for Flow Cytometry Data
(Supervisor: Radunskaya)

Woonhyuk “Harry” Choi – Boltzmann Enhancements of Biquasile Counting Invariants
(Supervisor: Nelson)

Emily Driscoll – Finding and Using Supersingular Elliptic Curves
(Supervisor: Sarkis)

Zivvy Epstein – Data Representation as Low Rank Matrix Factorization
(Supervisor: Hunter)

Kai Fukutaki – Extensions of Support Vector Machines
(Supervisor: Chandler)

Abigail Gardner – Variations of Parameters in Crime Dynamics Modeling
(Supervisor: Ayers)

Logan Gilbert – Bayesian Discovery of Threat Networks
(Supervisor: Chávez)

Adam Hathaway – Algebraic Models of Logic in Quantum Mechanics
(Supervisor: Karaali)

Adam He – A Topological Model of Lasso Proteins
(Supervisor: Flapan)

Ian Jaime – Stochastic Volatility Modeling: Time Series and Differential Equation Approaches
(Supervisor: Chandler)

Ruby Kim – Stability Analysis of a Tumor-Immune Model
(Supervisor: Radunskaya)

Sang Yeob “John” Kim – Mathematical Modeling of Antimicrobial Resistance
(Supervisor: Rumbos)

Beattie Kuture – Exploiting Orbits to Solve Symmetric Integer Linear Programs
(Supervisor: Shahriari)

Nicolas Lanker – Algebraic Graph Theory and the Tutte Polynomial of Graphs
(Supervisor: Shahriari)

Xuanchi Lu – Topological Time Series Analysis
(Supervisor: de Silva)

Benjamin Lu – Constructing Prediction Intervals for Random Forests
(Supervisor: Hardin)

Yichen Lu – Modeling the Vehicle Routing Problem in the Real World
(Supervisor: Martonosi)

Maria Martinez – The Expectation Maximization Algorithm & RNA-sequencing
(Supervisor: Hardin)

Anna Novikova – Topic Modeling with Emotion Analysis
(Supervisor: Hunter)

Ralitsa Racheva – Counting Cliques in Turán Graphs after Adding Extra Edges
(Supervisor: Miner)

Nathanael Roy – Genetic Algorithms
(Supervisor: Huber)

Luke Sawyer – Distribution of Residues in the Pisano Period
(Supervisor: Sarkis)

Timothy Schaaff – Triangle Factors in Random Graphs
(Supervisor: Garcia)

Leo Selker – Möbius Inversion: From Posets to Categories
(Supervisor: de Silva)

Dmitriy Smirnov – SimpleX: Software Tools for Visualizing Functions on Simplicial Complexes
(Supervisor: de Silva)

Julia Smith – Evaluating Problem-Based Mathematics Curricula, Grades 9-12
(Supervisor: Karaali)

Paul Tran – Mathematically Modeling the Dynamics of Tuberculosis
(Supervisor: Rumbos)

Anastasia Voloshinov – Spectral Sparsification of Graphs
(Supervisor: Shahriari)

Jinglin “Vanessa” Wang – Revisiting the College Admissions Problem
(Supervisor: Karaali)

Jackson Warley – Random Links via Simplex Embeddings
(Supervisor: Kozai)

Nattanicha Wattananimitgul – Simulating Diffusion-Limited Reactions and Application to Cell Division of the Caulobacter Crescentus Bacterium
(Supervisor: Shtylla)

Christina Williamson – Gaussian Process Regression:  A Nonparametric Bayesian Modeling Approach
(Supervisor: Chandler)

Song Yu – Symmetries of Spatial Graphs in Homology Spheres
(Supervisor: Flapan)

Wentau Yuan – Functional Representation of Maps Between Shapes
(Supervisor: de Silva)

Yenny Zhang – Integrating Random Forests into the Bag of Little Bootstraps
(Supervisor: Hardin)


Devon Allison – Nash Equilibrium
(Supervisor: Shahriari)

Nicholas Alvarez - Decision Making in Random Forests
(Supervisor: Radunskaya)

Isaiah Boone - SVM and the Application of Prediction Rules
(Supervisor: Hardin)

Kevin Brice - Principal Component Analysis and Baseball
(Supervisor: Sarkis)

Sydney Browning - Predictive Analytics
(Supervisor: Chandler)

John Bryan - Obtaining Confidence & Prediction Intervals from Random Forests Using Bag of Little Bootstraps & Related Methods
(Supervisor: Hardin)

Paula Burkhardt - Interlacing Polynomials and Infinite Families of Ramanujan Graphs
(Supervisor: Garcia)

Wanning Chen - Exploring the Properties of Maximally Even Sets via Lens of Partially Ordered Set
(Supervisor: de Silva)

Michael Cork - Incorporating PD-L1 in a mathematical model of immune response to tumor cells
(Supervisor: Radunskaya)

Gabriel Currier - Hamiltonian Cycles in Dense Regular Graphs
(Supervisor: Shahriari)

Pieter Derdeyn - An Elastic Model for Bacterial DNA Segregation
(Supervisor: Shtylla)

YuBai Di - Intrinsically Strong Linking in Complete Graphs
(Supervisor: Flapan)

Ciaran Evans - Normalization of RNA-Seq data in the case of asymmetric differential expression
(Supervisor: Hardin)

Luke Fischinger - a Quasigroups and Their Characters
(Supervisor: Karaali)

John Fowler - Monte Carlo Approximation Methods for Stochastic Optimization
(Supervisor: Huber)

Andrea "Annie" Hellebust - Minimizing Power Outages in Power Distribution Networks: A Clinic Project for Southern California Edison
(Supervisor: Radunskaya & Shtylla)

Max Hoffman - Modelling Mitotic Spindle Stability in C. elegans
(Supervisor: Shtylla)

Tingyu Huang - The Greene-Kleitman Theorem and Its Proofs
(Supervisor: Shahriari)

Kevin Kannappan - Modeling of Crime Hotspots: Applied to Residential Burglary in San Francisco
(Supervisor: Chavez)

Stephen Kim - Predicting Outcomes for Soccer Tournaments & Leagues
(Supervisor: Chandler)

Yein Kim - Random Walks and Electric Networks
(Supervisor: de Silva)

Hannah Li - The Manickam-Miklos-Singhi Conjecture
(Supervisor: Shahriari)

Cristina Lopez -  A Mathematical Model for the Release Kinetics in a Cancer Vaccine
(Supervisor: Radunskaya)

Ruoxi Lu - Kernels in the Mathematics of Learning
(Supervisor: de Sliva)

Daniel Metz - Bayesian Nonparametrics
(Supervisor: Chandler)

Cesar Meza – Ethnomathematics
(Supervisor: Karaali)

Charles Minkah-Premo - Motivation and Epistemological Beliefs in Different Domains
(Supervisor: Karaali)

Woodson Powell - Exploring Gaussian Processes and American Football
(Supervisor: Radunskaya)

Emily Proulx - Creative Mathematical Reasoning in Assessment Tasks
(Supervisor: Karaali)

Dylan Quantz - Analyzing Centrality in Complex Gene Networks
(Supervisor:  Hardin)

Simon Rosenbaum - Money for Nothing, Picks for Free: A statistical evaluation of the impact of Major League Baseball's New Collective Bargaining Agreement on the Rule IV Draft
(Supervisor: Chandler)

Andrew Russell - Elliptic Curve Pairings in Cryptography
(Supervisor: Sarkis)

Kristin Silva - Benford's Law of Leading Digits in Astronomy
(Supervisor: Garcia)

Ryan Smith - Representation Theory for C*-Algebras
(Supervisor: Garcia)

Hong Suh -  Distinct Distances and Polynomial Partitioning
(Supervisor: Garcia)

Daniel Swift - On the Density of Rational Quadrilaterals and its Potential Application to an Open Problem in Number Theory
(Supervisor: Sarkis)

Aaron Varner - Decompositions of the Linear Lattice
(Supervisor: Sarkis)

Adam Waterbury - Strong Linking of Embedded Graphs
(Supervisor: Flapan)

Daniel Weinand - Proper Scoring Rules for the Extreme value distribution
(Supervisor: de Silva)

Archer Wheeler - Strong Linking of Embedded Graphs
(Supervisor: Flapan)

Aryana Yee - Machine Learning and Applications in Credit Scoring
(Supervisor: Radunskaya)


Kimberley Africa - 2+2≠4: Challenging Mathematical Realities and Access in Education
(Supervisor: Karaali)

Rebecca Baiman - Investigation of Error Rates in Box Plot-based Inference
(Supervisor: Hardin)

Julien Breistroff - Complex Dynamics, Fractals, and Sonification
(Supervisor: Radunskaya)

Bryan Brown - Factoring 2 X 2 Inner Functions
(Supervisor: Garcia)

Jedrik Chao - Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Models
(Supervisor: Radunskaya)

Kirkwood Alexander Cloud - Simulating Vervaat Perpetuities
(Supervisor: Mark Huber)

Alexander Cole - Supermanifolds
(Supervisor: Karaali)

William Curatolo - Regularity of Graphs
(Supervisor: Shahriari)

Natalie Dennis - Evaluating Stochastic Processes and the Ito Integral
(Supervisor: Rumbos)

William DeRose - Sampling from High Dimensional Distributions: A Gradient Based Approach
(Supervisor: Chandler)

Dillon Dong- The Strange Properties of Tilings
(Supervisor: de Silva)

Catherine Dugan- What is the purpose of a math education?  A Case Study on the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics
(Supervisor: Darryl Yong)

Jacob Fiksel - A Comparative Analysis of RNA-sea and Microarray Data
(Supervisor: Hardin)

Christopher Garnatz - Bootstrapping for Big Data
(Supervisor: Hardin)

Sheridan Grant - Efficient Sampling Over Graphs with the Randomness Recycler
(Supervisor: Mark Huber)

Tianyu Gu - Super Characters and Fourier Transform
(Supervisor: Garcia)

Uriel Guadarrama - The Firefighter Problem
(Supervisor: Shahriari)

Katrina Jacobs - An Investigation of Cops and Robber
(Supervisor: Shahriari)

Yiting Ji - Topological Optimization of Reliability Volatility in Power Distribution Network
(Supervisor: Sarkis)

Mary Kamitaki - Applications of Degree Theory to Boundary Value Problems
(Supervisor: Rumbos)

Timothy Kaye - Mondrian Forests
(Supervisor: Chandler)

Alexandre Kellogg - How Humans Play Games: A Comparison of a New Equilibrium Concept using Experimental Data
(Supervisor: Fryer)

Rob Knickerbocker - Optimizing Reliability of Power Distribution Networks
(Supervisor: Shtylla)

Mathieu de Langis - Some Supercharacter Theories on (ℤ/nℤ)d
(Supervisor: Garcia)

Woo Hyung Lee - Predicting Irrational Outcomes in Game Theory
(Supervisor: Fryer)

Kevin Lu - Curse of Dimensionality and Audio Data
(Supervisor: Chandler)

Alexander Ma - Random Graphs and Ramsey Theory
(Supervisor: de Silva)

Geordie Marriner - Financial Applications of Stochastic Differential Equations
(Supervisor: Rumbos)

Kyle McAndrews - A Post Recession Analysis of Value at Risk
(Supervisor: Chandler)

Emmanuel Mendez - Fermat's Last Theorem
(Supervisor: Karaali)

Eric Pasewark - Computing Nash Equilibria
(Supervisor: Fryer)

Kenneth Rabin - A Probabilistic Analysis of Casino Blackjack and Card Counting Strategies
(Supervisor: Shtylla)

Susannah Shoemaker - Derivation of Fučík Curves for Periodic Boundary Value Problems
(Supervisor: Rumbos)

Michael Someck - Error-Correcting Codes
(Supervisor: Shahriari)

Thalia Spinrad - Finding Unstable Smooth, Symmetric Selection Dynamics
(Supervisor: Fryer)

Jennifer Stewart - Creativity and Failure in Gifted Mathematics Education
(Supervisor: Karaali)

Samantha Stewart - Optic Giloma through the Lens of Cluster Analysis
(Supervisor: Radunskaya)

Connor Sutton - An Exploration of Integer Partitions
(Supervisor: de Silva)

Daniel Thompson - Intrinsic Linking in Complete Graphs
(Supervisor: Flapan)

Sallie Walecka - A Mathematical Model for Pattern Formation in IDPN-treated Axons
(Supervisor: Shtylla)

Hannah Wayment-Steele - A Stochastic Differential Equations Model for Microtubule Dynamics in Early C. elegans Development
(Supervisor: Shtylla)

Xiang "Carol" Xiang - Modeling Women's Income Dynamics
(Supervisor: Radunskaya)

Samuel Young - Homotopy Type Theory
(Supervisor: de Silva)

Caroline Zaia - Value Added Modeling in Teacher Assessment
(Supervisor: Hardin)

Tianrong "Sally" Zhang - Riemann Zeta Function
(Supervisor: Garcia)