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At Pomona, particularly good for freshmen who may have a hard time getting into other programs.

Other Things to Consider

  1. If you have taken or are taking linear algebra, you are qualified for the majority of these programs. Many students at these programs will have taken only linear algebra, and probably a very basic and non-theoretical one like you have/will.
  2. Emphasize the theoretical math background you have, even if you haven't taken lots of upper-division pure math classes. The entire curriculum at Pomona is very theoretical, and you will have a stronger theory background than many applicants. Also, emphasize your computer science skills. Even 1 or 2 classes in CS in the 5Cs will make you very valuable to almost any research program, theoretical or not.
  3. Freshmen: getting into REUs can be challenging as a first year. There are programs for freshmen, but they are poorly advertised and not compiled in any one place. Even the one I am familiar with is not listed any more. THEY DO EXIST. You just have to work harder to find them. Also consider a SURP, which will give you valuable experience to prepare you for an REU.