Learning Community in Mathematics (LiCMATH)

The Pomona College Mathematics Department has established Learning Communities in Mathematics (LiCMATH, pronounced 'Like Math') to provide an honors-level experience to well-prepared students in Calculus I and II. Every year we invite a diverse group of incoming students to apply to the program. Members of the Learning Communities in Mathematics are required to attend weekly LiCMATH workshops, during which they work on challenging Calculus problems with the help of each other, student mentors and a supervising faculty member. Additional mathematical and social events are held throughout the semester. Members of LiCMATH will also attend the usual mentor sessions for their classes.

An adaptation of Uri Treisman's work at UC Berkeley and the University of Texas, our Mathematics Learning Communities aim to provide a fun, challenging experience to students who are interested in and prepared for Calculus. We believe that LiCMATH students, like their counterparts at other institutions, will excel in Calculus and enjoy it. Alumni of similar programs at other schools report building some of their closest friendships in the program and go on to major or minor in mathematics, or a mathematically based field.

While participation in LiCMATH is restricted, any interested student planning to take Calculus I or II (Math 30 or 31) is eligible to apply [doc] .